You'll never go wrong bringing wine (or a bottle of Martini) to a New Year’s Eve party, but if you really want to be a good guest, you'll bring something delicious to go with it.

By F&W Editors
December 29, 2015

Here are F&W's most festive and Champagne-friendly make-ahead recipes to bring to a New Year’s Eve bash.

1. Prosciutto-Fontina Pinwheels (above)
Melissa Rubel rolls buttery puff pastry around salty prosciutto and melty Fontina to create deeply savory hors d'oeuvres.

2. Hogs in a Blanket 
This fun, highbrow take on pigs in a blanket swaps spicy andouille sausage for hot dogs, with sweet mustard chutney as a condiment.

Classic American appetizers like spicy wings and deviled eggs are perfect for everything from game days to graduation parties. Whether you're looking for a twist on your favorite hors d'oeuvre or want a traditional recipe, we've got you covered. From perfect crab cakes to baked Buffalo chicken wings, here are our best all-American appetizers.

3. Cheddar Gougères 
These airy, cheesy puffs are perfect with sparkling wine.

4. Salmon Rillettes 
For an extra-rich spread, this recipe is made with both fresh and hot-smoked salmon.

5. Roasted Onion Dip 
This delicious onion dip is served in roasted onion cups and topped with different roes.

You can eat a plain old artichoke dip or a nutty hummus anytime. This fall, use game days as an opportunity to take your dips to the next level with upgrades like crab and crispy shallots.  

© John Kernick

6. Chicken Liver Pâté with Pistachios 
This ultra-creamy pâté makes an elegant holiday gift. Just put it in a pretty porcelain ramekin and include crackers or crispy wafers.

7. Mushroom Pomponnettes 
Daniel Boulud makes these popular bite-size mushroom quiches in individual molds, but mini-muffin pans are perfect substitutes.

© James Baigrie

8. Paprika Cheese Spread 
This fast cheese spread takes only 15 minutes to make.

9. Spicy Popcorn Balls 
A smart update for popcorn balls: chipotle-spiked caramel.