You don't have to like rum to make a cocktail with ginger beer.

By F&W Editors
March 30, 2016

Spicy, spritzy ginger beer is always a great cocktail mixer to have on hand—and not just for a Dark n’ Stormy. As simple and delicious as that classic drink is, it’s certainly not the only boozy way to take advantage of ginger beer. Here, nine more great ideas:

1. Ginger Shandies 

While food is certainly the focus of our tailgating efforts, the drinks are a close second. And so we've got you covered with six incredible cocktails to drink before the game. These game-day appropriate cocktails, from mojito Jell-O shots to beer-based ginger shandies, will go perfectly with your wings, burgers, hotdogs and more.

The perfect al fresco sipper, this pitcher cocktail mixes wheat beer with ginger beer, lemon slices and mint.

2. Stone Wall 

This updated version of a Stone Wall mixes rum with ginger beer and apple cider for a refreshing cocktail.

Frances Janisch

This updated version of a Stone Wall mixes rum with ginger beer and apple cider.

3. The Tempest 

Think of this as a peachy take on a Dark n’ Stormy.

4. Cameron’s Cooler 

Here’s the perfect summertime cocktail for a Scotch lover.

5. Cheval 

© Tina Rupp

This extra-refreshing take on a Moscow Mule is made with muddled cucumber slices.

6. El Gusano Rojo 

Smoky mezcal is surprisingly compatable with passion fruit nectar and ginger beer.

7. Maybelle Punch 

This classy, Cognac-based drink is sweet and gingery.

8. Sunset Punch 

The perfect party punch for a thirsty crowd.

9. Ginger Baker Fizz 

End a meal with this creamy, floral, fizzy cocktail instead of dessert.