Accordion-cut, hasselback-style potatoes may seem complex to make. But thanks to a simple hack featured in this week's episode of Mad Genius Tips, they’re a breeze. Here, eight more of F&W’s easiest potato recipes.

By F&W Editors
March 19, 2015

1. Crispy Buffalo Potatoes 
For a fun take on Buffalo chicken wings, toss oven fries with a delicious two-ingredient sauce.

2. Red Skin Potato Mash 
You don’t even need to peel the potatoes to make this creamy dish.

3. Lemony Roasted Potatoes with Oregano 
In this version of a classic Greek recipe, potato wedges roast alongside lemon slices.

4. Classic Potato Salad 
Sweet and creamy baby potatoes cook quickly, so this salad is superfast.

5. Smashed Potatoes with Caraway 
When you cook potatoes this way, they get crunchy on the outside and stay creamy on the inside.

6. Boiled Potatoes with Sage Butter 
Sage lovers will adore this one-skillet recipe, which is superb for breakfast or brunch.

7. Roasted Potato Skewers 
Threading small red potatoes on skewers with cubes of bacon makes for an easy, aromatic side dish.

8. Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes 
The secret to these velvety mashed potatoes is mayonnaise. Try them and you'll see why.

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