Here's how to upgrade your game day dogs.

By F&W Editors
January 31, 2016

Hot dogs are one of the most perfect foods to eat while watching the Super Bowl, but on this snackiest of occasions they should not go unadorned. Here are seven ways to make your game day dogs so much better.

1. Spiralize Them

Ever since F&W Test Kitchen star Justin Chapple unveiled this technique, it's been our unwavering belief that every dog should be spiralized.

2. Stuff Them with Cheese and Wrap Them in Bacon

Wolfgang Puck’s incredible hot dogs are filled with Gruyère cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Lucy Schaeffer

Honestly, it would be ridiculous not to.

3. Top Them With Wasabi

These dogs are so good, thanks to wasabi mayo and a ponzu-spiked cabbage and carrot slaw.

4. Hit Them with the Avocado

This is called The Chihuahua, and it's delicious.

5. Replace Them with Pastrami and Mushrooms

Where'd the hot dog go? Honestly, these are so good that no one will notice.

6. Put Them in Pretzel Rolls

These innovative hot dogs are stuffed inside pretzel rolls.

John Kernick

You'll be combining two of the best snacks ever.

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7. BLT-ize Them (as shown above)

F&W's Kay Chun tops dogs with crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce dressed with a creamy caraway-pickle mayonnaise.