Here, seven delicious ways to make incredible roast chicken.

By F&W Editors
April 03, 2014

In this week’s Mad Genius Tips video, F&W Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demonstrated how to expertly truss a chicken using dental floss. While the technique will ensure that the chicken is evenly roasted for optimal juiciness, it won’t impart any flavor to the meat (unless you use minty floss, which we don't recommend). That’s where these recipes come in. Here, six delicious ways to make incredible roast chicken.

1. Uncle Boon’s Thai Roast Chicken
Here’s what makes this chicken so good: It’s brined, then rubbed with a combination of coconut cream and kaffir lime before roasting, yielding golden, crackly skin.

2. Spice-Rubbed Roast Chicken with Two Sauces 
This chicken is coated with a lemony fennel-seed rub and served with both a smoky piri piri and Dominican wasakaka, made with onion, chiles and herbs.

3. Roasted Chicken with Garlic-Thyme Butter 
To give the bird extra flavor, chef Grant Achatz rubs garlicky butter under the breast skin and packs the cavity with more garlic, plus thyme sprigs and lemon quarters.

4. Spicy Roast Chicken 
This chicken is coated with a mix of Dijon mustard, chile powder, garlic and sage and sprayed with a spicy jalapeño brine.

5. Moroccan Roasted Chicken
A spiced butter made with cumin, coriander, sweet paprika, cayenne and cinnamon gives this chicken unexpected flavor.

6. Roast Brined Chicken with Raisin and Pine Nut Agrodolce 
Before roasting this chicken, chef Michael Chiarello rubs the brined bird with a spice mix of fennel seeds, corander seeds, black peppercorns, crushed red pepper, chile powder and cinnamon and brushes them with butter.

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