Here, six brilliant ways chefs eat ice cream.

By F&W Editors
June 27, 2014

Thanks to this week's Mad Genius Tips video you now know the fastest way to make ice cream at home. But do you know the coolest way to eat it? Here, six brilliant ways chefs eat ice cream.

Smoked. Chef Kevin Butler always has a bottle of liquid hickory smoke in my pantry. “I use it in everything: in pickled peppers, in barbecue sauce, on roasts and in marinades,” he says. He also uses it to put smoke flavor into unexpected things like flourless chocolate torte and ice cream.

Between macarons. F&W Best New Chef 2014 Paul Qui loves Jeni’s Splendid ice cream sandwiches. “Especially the salty caramel with smoked almonds between two macarons,” he says.

Topped with flowers. Seattle chef Matthew Dillon likes to forage with his best friend, Jeremy Faber, who Dillon says is Seattle’s premier forager. On their trips, Dillon picks flowers and maple blossoms, which he uses as ice cream toppers.

Topped with DIY Magic Shell. Chicago pastry chef Dana Cree figured out how to make her own version of Magic Shell. “It’s not complicated,” she says. “If you add coconut oil to melted chocolate, it makes the whole solution harden very quickly over ice cream.”

On bread. F&W Best New Chef 2003 Angel Palacios’s favorite childhood dish was pan con chocolate. “It’s basically bread and chocolate,” he says. “I once made a dessert based on that. I topped sautéed bread with chocolate frappé, chocolate ice cream and chocolate candy.”

With anything and everything. “My son David says I eat ice cream like a stoned college kid,” says Houston chef Michael Cordúa. “Based on the mood I’m in and what I can find around the house, every serving of my favorite dulce de leche ice cream becomes a big, once-only production, with things like peanut butter or candy or jelly.”

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