Here, six things made better with the addition of a poached egg.

By Justine Sterling
May 06, 2014

In this week’s edition of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen poaching pro Justin Chapple revealed the easiest way to make perfect poached eggs. The technique will, of course, help you improve your eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine game, but it can also help with other not-so-obvious dishes. Here, six things made better with the addition of a poached egg.

1. Noodles
Top earthy soba noodles in an umami-packed dashi broth with poached eggs for a protein-rich lunch.

2. Asparagus
For a fast, elegant and ultra-springy meal, simply top crisp-tender asparagus with a poached egg and lots of Parmesan.

3. Salad
Even a green salad can benefit from a poached egg. Once popped, the egg’s silky innards improve any dressing. Bacon makes the whole thing even better.

4. Polenta
Creamy plus creamy equals amazing.

5. Pizza
Adding a poached egg to white pizza topped with pancetta and arugula immediately transforms it into an amazing brunch dish.

6. Porridge
For a savory, hearty breakfast, top David Chang’s barley porridge with a deliciously gooey poached egg.

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