Here, six awesome egg slicers that won’t cramp your kitchen style.

By Justine Sterling
June 13, 2014
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If this week’s Mad Genius Tips video on three brilliant ways to use an egg slicer inspired you to go out and buy one of your very own, don’t settle for a basic model. Check out these six awesome egg slicers that won’t cramp your kitchen style.

Jo!e Wedgey Boiled Egg Slicer: This little guy (pictured left) is too cute to pen up in a drawer. $5.40; 

Vintage Egg Slicer: This vintage model from the 1980s is a beautiful sea-foam green. $12.90; 

KitchenAid Classic Egg Slicer: A sturdy, vibrant red model that will add a great pop of color to your gadget collection. $15.45; 

Retro Egg Slicer: This flower-power-themed, grass-green slicer is from the 1970s. $7.95; 

Norpro Egg Slicer/Wedger/Piercer: This side-by-side slicer lets you do double duty. $8.16; 

New Star Foodservice Heavy Duty Egg Slicer: Sleek with chrome detailing, this model can cut three ways—horizontally, vertically and in wedges. $12.49;

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