If you only drink margaritas in hot weather, you're missing out.

By F&W Editors
December 21, 2015

The citrusy cocktail becomes a great winter drink with a few tweaks, like adding herbs or a few warming spices. Here, five great recipes for winter margaritas.

1. Blood Orange Margaritas 
Sweet-tart blood orange juice makes for an intensely flavorful cocktail.

2. Ginger Margarita (above)
A homemade ginger-lime syrup gives this drink a touch of spiciness.

3. Pomegranate Margaritas 
Inspired by a surplus of pomegranates one year, chef Govind Armstrong came up with this deeply red cocktail.

4. El Quijote 
Peach jam, smoky chipotle chile and cinnamon-flavored Goldschlager are the improbably welcome additions to this subtly spicy margarita riff.

5. Pear-Cilantro Margarita 
Trust us, this unusual fruit and herb combination is fantastic.