Put that light beer to work in the kitchen.

By F&W Editors
April 17, 2016

Craft beers are where it’s at when it comes to flavor, complexity and newness. They’re what we reach for when we're stocking up on six-packs. But when it comes to cooking, you often need beer that is, to put it nicely, a bit more basic. That’s where light beer comes in to play. So dig out the cans that have been hibernating in the back of your fridge since your neighbor from two doors down “gifted” them to you at your last party and use them in one of these great recipes.

1. Fried Beer-Battered Fish and Chips with Dilled Tartar Sauce 

This version of the British staple is fried in a wonderfully light beer batter.

2. Easy Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken 

Sweet and sticky, this chicken dish brings to mind teriyaki chicken.

3. Arroz con Pollo with Avocado-Green Pea Salsa 

This chicken-and-rice is especially juicy and tender.

4. Flank Steak Burrito with Guacamole and Salsa 

The steak for this delicious burrito is marinated in beer before being rubbed with ancho chile powder.

5. Beer-and-Cheddar Soup 

It’s hard to go wrong with these creamy, bacon-studded soup.