From durable mixing bowls to a solid nonstick skillet, these are five must-have tools for making pancakes.

By Kristin Donnelly
November 30, 2014
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The key technique here is using a resealable plastic bag to pipe out perfect pancakes—resulting in one less bowl to wash.

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Even though pancakes don’t require much gear, it’s still nice to have exactly the right tools. Here are our must-haves for any pancake kit, perfect for yourself or as a gift for DIY brunchers.

1. Mixing Bowls

Crate & Barrel

Though most mixing bowls work well for making pancake batter, you’ll never regret having a set of durable, pro-grade stainless steel bowls. $30 for a set of 4 bowls;

2. Whisk


Rösle’s silicone-coated wire whisk is the ideal shape for blending batters, and is safe to use on nonstick surfaces, should you need to do so. $20; 

3. Nonstick Skillet

Sur La Table

A high-quality nonstick skillet is a worthy investment: It will never serve you wrong when cooking everything from pancakes to eggs to fish. Scanpan skillets are a great choice because they’re made from recycled aluminum and are free of harmful PFOAs. $80 (originally $243) at

4. Griddle


If you often make pancakes for a crowd, it’s worth having a cast-iron griddle on hand that’s large enough to straddle two burners. The Lodge version doubles as a grill pan. $44 (originally $80) at 

5. Spatula


Oxo’s silicone-coated stainless steel spatula is safe for nonstick pans, and it’s easy to maneuver too. $12 at 

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