Ham and honey go together like Santa and Rudolph, but you don’t have to opt for the tried and true duo. This Christmas, give your ham a makeover with one of these new, delicious glazes.

By F&W Editors
December 10, 2015

1. Pomegranate-Jalapeño-Glazed Ham 
This sweet-and-spicy glaze is made with store-bought jalapeño jelly doctored with pomegranate.

2. Clove-and-Cider-Glazed Ham 
For entertaining, TV chef Carla Hall glazes a spiral-cut ham with apple cider, brown sugar, mustard, bourbon and sweet spices.

© Con Poulos

3. Dr Pepper-Glazed Ham with Prunes 
This unusual, terrifically sweet and sticky glaze is made with Dr Pepper soda—trust us, it’s amazing.

4. Smoky Glazed Ham with Red Pepper Jelly 
The glaze for this ham is also made with a soda. A standard cola like GuS Dry Cola is mixed with stock, red wine, honey, sugar, vinegar, chiles and spices for an incredibly flavorful sauce.

5. Lemon-and-Pickled-Pepper-Glazed Ham 
Any pickled pepper will work in this recipe, but we love hot Peppadewe peppers for their fruity flavor and sweet-and-sour brine.