Here are 5 awesome cookie tips straight from Christina Tosi, live from The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

By Kate Krader
June 19, 2015
© Kate Krader

I firmly believe Christina Tosi is the cookie oracle. The founder and owner of the New York City-based chain Milk Bar and author of Milk Bar Life has created such genius items as the Compost Cookie (a next level chocolate chip cookie with potato chips, crushed pretzels & coffee among other ingredients) and Salt & Pepper Cookies (the most dynamic sugar cookies). She firmly believes in eating at least one cookie a day (yay!!).

Here are 5 awesome cookie tips straight from C. Tosi, live from The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

1. If you make 1 decision at the grocery store, get unsalted butter. If you can make 2 decisions, get European unsalted butter.

2. Sifted flour is overrated in the cookie making world.

3. When you add flour, do not over mix. Stand over your mixer and watch it disappear into the dough. That second, switch the mixer off. This is the difference between an impossibly tender cookie, and one that's meh.

4. A heavy duty baking sheet is everything. Your cookies will be much more consistent. My mother has the spirit of a baker but will not invest in cookware. She has the same wobbly cookie sheets she had when she was married. I never know what's baked on to them.

5. If you're going to freeze cookies, batch them out first. A mound of frozen cookie dough is such a hassle to work with. And portioning is helpful if you want to eat a raw cookie a day.

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