Pastry chefs Annabelle Topacio and Ian Flores share five nostalgic ice cream toppings for the perfect summer sundae.

By Sarah DiGregorio
July 24, 2015
© Tara Fisher

At San Francisco’s Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, pastry chefs Annabelle Topacio and Ian Flores resist the urge 
to complicate the nostalgic pleasure of the ice cream sundae. Each of the couple’s classic toppings (below) has just one smart twist that makes it taste exactly as you remember but also mysteriously better. The pineapple sauce is spiked with Campari; the butterscotch sauce is intense because it’s made with treacle instead of corn syrup; and the berries in the strawberry sauce are lightly cooked with vanilla bean. “We want to satisfy your memory,” says Topacio, “and at the same time 
blow your mind.”

Wet Mixed Nuts
This elevated take on the classic ice cream topping was inspired by the filling for a tart. It gets complex sweetness from golden syrup (treacle) and maple syrup.

Butterscotch Sauce
This easy, luscious butterscotch ice cream topping has just the right amount of salt and lemon juice to balance the sweetness.

Hot Fudge Sauce
This hot fudge sauce is perfect: Rich and shiny, it gets pleasantly chewy when it hits the cold ice cream.

Strawberry Sauce
The berries in this ultra-fresh ice cream topping are cooked briefly with vanilla bean to enhance their sweetness.

Fresh Pineapple Sauce
This pineapple ice cream topping has just one smart tweak: Campari, which adds a pleasant hint of bitterness.

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