Here, 10 delicious, starchy dishes that are completely gluten-free.

By F&W Editors
April 24, 2014

Here, 10 delicious, starchy dishes that are completely gluten-free.

1. Seeded Multigrain Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread
This fantastic bread has a chewy texture and a sweet, grainy flavor.

2. Fresh Almond Fettuccine with Tomato-Basil Sauce
Almond flour gives this delicious pasta a rich, nutty flavor.

3. Parker House Rolls
These fluffy, buttery rolls are an excellent gluten-free version of the original.

4. "Rye"-Raisin Belgian Waffle Bread
Sorghum and millet flour give these fantastic waffles their rye-like flavor.

5. Lemon-Poppy Seed Buttermilk Pancakes
These light, chewy pancakes should be called "awesomecakes," says one F&W editor.

6. Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pan Pizza
These personal-sized pizzas have incredible chewy crusts.

7. Gingerbread Pear Loaf Cake
Ripe pear and crystallized ginger star in this terrific gluten-free version of loaf cake.

8. Garlic-Stuffed Pull-Apart Buns
These incredible buns are filled with garlic-parsley butter.

9. Corn-Blueberry Swirl Muffins
These sweet corn muffins feature swirls of fresh blueberry compote.

10. Dunked Dulce de Leche Doughnuts
Sweet, caramelized dulce de leche doubles as a delicious glaze.

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