Stressed about the country's political future? These cocktails will help.

By F&W Editors
March 01, 2016
© Lucas Allen

It’s Super Tuesday, which means that tonight's results should give us a pretty clear look at the November presidential election. Will the matchup be, as the polls seem to project, Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump? Or will there be an upset, with Sanders taking on Rubio or Cruz? If the stress is too much to bear, we’re here to help with these ten extra-strong cocktails. They might not change the course of history, but they will make it easier to bear.

1. Kilt and Jacket 

© Lucas Allen

Smoky Scotch and nutty sherry are like a comforting blanket of boozy flavor.

2. Lavandou 

This simple cocktail mixes warming Cognac with a touch of fresh lemon juice and lavender honey, which should help calm your nerves even more.

3. Monaco Friar 

Herbal Benedictine plus smoky Scotch equals a deliciously strong and aromatic drinkable meditation.

4. Last Love Letter 

© Lucas Allen

Sometimes one type of rum just isn’t enough. This cocktail calls for three different kinds.

5. Fiddlesticks and Horsefeathers 

© Lucas Allen

Malty, hearty, whiskey-like genever is delicious in this old-fashioned-style drink.

6. Vesper 

First created by Ian Fleming in the James Bond novel Casino Royale, this martini-esque cocktail is strong enough for a spy so it should certainly be strong enough for you.

7. Sergio Leone 

What's the secret to this smoky cocktail? Charleston bartender sprinkles pimento d'Espelette (Basque smoked paprika) on the large ice cubes.

© Lucas Allen

The secret ingredient in this unusual bourbon cocktail? Piment d’Espelette.

8. Rosa Amargo 

© Lucas Allen

Mezcal, meet Campari.

9. The Circle of the Sun 

© Lucas Allen

While this spirit-heavy cocktail is strong, it’s easy to drink thanks to the pear liqueur. So be careful.

10. Cortés 

© Lucas Allen

Reposado tequila and late-harvest white wine are an unexpectedly delicious duo.