Apple pie might be the ultimate American dessert, but we contend that it’s better in the fall.

By F&W Editors
July 03, 2016

Here are 10 bright and tangy summer fruit pies to make for July 4th.

1. Marilyn Batali’s Blackberry Pie

Pie is the quintessential American dessert, which makes it both an obvious and delicious, choice for the celebration of our great country's birthday. While apple pie might be a popular classic, you must not limit yourself, especially because summer offers the most delicious fruits. Here are 10 bright and tangy summer fruit pies to make for July Fourth.


This exquisite pie is made with Mario Batali’s “favorite fruit in life.”

2. Peach-Raspberry Pie

Serve this excellent summer pie with whipped cream or a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Deep-Dish Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

This classic take on strawberry rhubarb pie is the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Tina Rupp

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What’s the secret to perfectly flaky crust? Add some lard to the dough.

4. Passion Fruit Ice Cream Pie with a Ginger Crust

This isn't the kind of ice cream pie you'd make for a kiddie birthday party. Instead of a plain cookie crust, create a crispy, chewy one with crumbled gingersnaps, dried pineapple and candied ginger. And instead of the usual caramel or chocolate sauce on top, prepare a delectable mix of dulce de leche and passion fruit nectar from the supermarket.

Petrina Tinslay

This over-the-top dessert is topped with a mix of dulce de leche and passion fruit nectar.

5. Coconut-Buttermilk Pie with Blackberry Caramel

Bobby Flay’s spectacularly creamy custard pie is topped with silky blackberry caramel.

6. Deep-Dish Peach Streusel Pie with Ginger

Andrew Zimmern upgrades the classic peach pie by adding ground and candied ginger.

7. Stone Fruit Pie with Almond Streusel

Any combination of stone fruits (apricots, peaches, plums, cherries or nectarines) is perfect for this delicious pie.

8. Berry Ice Cream Pie

Blueberries and strawberry ice cream star in this terrific, fast dessert.

9. Cherry Hand Pies

Save on time by using puff pastry to make these fantastic pies.

10. Yogurt and Apricot Pie with Crunchy Granola Crust

Healthful ingredients in this pie include low-fat Greek yogurt, oats and almonds.