Skip the fryer.

By F&W Editors
February 06, 2016
© Ray Hom

Frying wings is fast, but using this traditional cooking method has its downsides. The biggest, of course, being the searing-hot, apron-staining oil that will, no matter how careful you are, find a way to splatter your stove and your person. But there's another way: Bake your wings. It takes a bit longer, but the results are delicious and you'll save so much time on cleanup. Here, our best recipes for crispy baked wings.

1. Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings 

Tabasco sauce gives these wings a spicy kick.

2. Pepper and Salt Chicken Wings 

Black and white pepper have an intense, delicious heat that, in tandem with coarse salt, makes a crisp, spicy coating for chicken wings.

3. Sticky Miso Chicken Wings 

Combining miso with lime, ginger, fish sauce and sugar creates a terrific sweet-sour glaze for crispy baked chicken wings.

4. Green Jalapeño Hot Wings 

These buffalo-style chicken wings are smothered in a spicy green jalapeño sauce, which is pureed with pickled jalapenos for an extra hit of puckery flavor.

5. Jamaican Jerk Hot Wings 

Jerk paste and Frank’s Red Hot make for extra-spicy and ultra-flavorful wings.

6. Peppery Chicken Wings 

Balsamic vinegar is the secret ingredient in these hot wings.

7. Chicken Wings with Angry Sauce 

This Korean-inspired recipe is fiery and a little bit sweet.

8. Maple-Chipotle Hot Wings 

Smoky chipotle peppers are surprisingly delicious paired with sweet maple syrup.

9. Old Bay Hot Wings 

Though it’s primarily used on seafood, Old Bay seasoning is spectacular on these baked wings.

10. Sweet & Sticky Hot Wings 

These wings are tossed with an extra-messy, extra-tasty red pepper jelly.