This Easy-to-Use Blackstone Griddle Might Just Replace Your Grill, and You Can Score It for Nearly 30% Off

It’s officially outdoor cooking season.

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There's nothing like cooking outside as soon as the weather is warm enough. You get the perk of fresh air, without needing to worry about setting off your smoke alarm. But, according to shoppers, there's a tool that makes all of those outdoor meals not only easier to cook, but tastier, too.  

Enter the Blackstone, a large griddle made to cook up anything like burgers, brunch spreads, stir-fry, fresh fish, and a whole lot more with  outdoor ease. And if you've been pining for one, you'll be pleased to know that a bestselling model is nearly 30% off right now, just in time to kick off warmer days ahead. 

blackstone sale one off


To buy: Blackstone 28-Inch Double Burner Outdoor Griddle Station, $216 (originally $300) at

This cooking appliance looks like a grill, but is slightly different. It stands tall like one (the whole griddle is 45.5-inches long, 33.25-inches tall, and 22.5-inches wide), and has dials to control the heat. But instead of grates and a hood, you’ll get a large 28-inch griddle surface that’s made with cast iron.

It’s heated with a propane gas that hooks up right to your griddle. It turns on similarly to a grill or stovetop, and has two heat zones, which means you can use one side only for smaller batches, heat up both sides for large ones, or use both at different temperatures. 

Make anything from breakfast omelets and pancakes, to steaks, salmon, tacos, grilled fruits, or really any other dish you can think of, just make sure to oil it consistently for the best results. The Blackstone model also comes with wheels on one side so that you can move it around, but it won’t rock when you’re using it. And, it comes with a shelf underneath plus a little side table to pop any tools, dishes, or other essentials as you’re cooking. 

The cast iron surface has an opening in the back that allows you to push any bits into a collection bucket for easy cleanup, and it can break down so you can bring it to a campsite or tailgate with ease. Just remove the cast iron top, fold the legs, and use the two wheels to move it around.  

As one of the most popular Blackstone models on Amazon, shoppers can’t seem to praise its ease and tasty results enough. It’s already collected over 9,000 perfect ratings. “We use this daily and it just keeps getting better. Easy start up, heats evenly and cleanup is a snap! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner never tasted so good,” a reviewer wrote

“Cooks some great food,” a second wrote, adding,“the more you use it the better it gets,” referring to the fact that as you cook fattier foods, its seasoning will build up more and more.. One shopper said that it “completely replaced [their] grill, and another added that food seems to cook faster, plus you have a lot more leeway with what you can pop on it as opposed to a grill with grates. 

Shoppers also love just how fun these griddles are to use too. “There’s enough room to cook just about any meal that requires using a hot flat surface,” a fourth wrote, adding, “I’m having a blast experimenting with other recipes.” 

Thankfully, you can score this Blackstone model on sale just in time for the warmer weather. With its easy-to-use design and its ability to cook tons of different foods, it’s tough to pass up.  

At the time of publishing, the price was $216.

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