This Oprah-Approved Wine Preserver Can Extend the Shelf Life of Opened Bottles for Months, and It’s 30% Off Today

It makes for the perfect gift, too.

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 Coravin Timeless Three Plus Wine by the Glass System


Wine is a finicky luxury. From storing it properly to removing the cork the right way to finding the right glasses — there’s a lot to consider. And, when you’re serving it to guests, there’s even more pressure to retain its delicate flavor. That’s why products designed to aid with opening and preserving these cherished bottles are a must. 

The Coravin Wine System is one worth adding to your home bar, especially since Oprah Winfrey included it in her Favorite Things list for 2022. Though it leans on the pricey side, you can snap it up for 30% off at Amazon this Black Friday, just in time for gifting or hosting this season. 

 Coravin Timeless Three Plus Wine by the Glass System


To buy: Coravin Timeless Three Plus Wine by The Glass System, $160 (originally $230) at

“This gadget allows you to open a bottle of wine and pour a glass without ever removing the cork (yes, really!),” Winfrey wrote on Oprah Daily. It uses a small needle to remove the wine from the bottle without compromising the seal that the cork provides, which is key for preserving the quality of the wine. 

“The result: You can keep a bottle of wine for much longer, having a glass here or there. Along with the wine preserver, you’ll get an aerator and a bottle sleeve, too. Cheers to that,” Oprah added. 

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Along with the bottle sleeve and aerator, it comes with the main wine preserver, two argon gas capsules, and two screw cap replacements for bottles without a cork. There isn’t much prep work involved with this nifty tool. You just need to add in the argon gas capsules into the main wine preserver, then it’s ready to go. These capsules allow for the wine bottle to be depressurized, that way the wine itself can exit through the spout. 

You’ll line the preserver up with the top of the bottle, push down, and tilt the bottle towards the glass and et voilá — flowing wine without removing the cork. It’s just as easy to remove from the bottle too, since you just pull the preservers lever up, and lift it away. You’ll have that same bottle of wine ready to go back into its original storage place like you’d never poured from it in the first place. It’ll stay uncompromised for weeks, months, or even years, according to the brand. 

Winfrey is not the only fan — Amazon shoppers love it too, with one writing that it’s perfect if you prefer different wine varieties than other family members. “I started with a glass of my favorite cab and had a [second] about a month later. Both were great.” 

Another person wrote, “My only regret about this product is that I didn't buy it sooner. Easy to use, and, while the argon gas isn't inexpensive, I can get seven or eight bottles of usage out of each argon canister.” Shoppers say it’s the best if you like to buy high-end wines, but don’t want to risk only having a few glasses out of it. Reviewers also note that it makes the perfect gift, too. 

Snap up the Coravin Wine System now while it’s on sale for 30% off this Black Friday. If it’s Winfrey-approved, you know you’re in for a treat (or a gift) worthwhile. 

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