These Will Be the Biggest Destinations of 2023, According to American Express

The company's 2023 Trending Destinations List includes major cities, two islands, and even a tiny country.

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If you're already plotting your travel plans for 2023, this new list should provide plenty of inspiration.

On Tuesday, American Express Travel published its 2023 Trending Destinations list, featuring the ten most popular destinations for travel next year. The team came to these conclusions by looking at the number of global American Express Card Member travel reservations made between 2019 to 2022. While some are old favorites, a few unexpected spots made the list.

The company's trending destination list includes major cities like Copenhagen, Denmark; Istanbul, Turkey; Lisbon, Portugal; Mexico City, Mexico; Paris, France; and Sydney, Australia. But people aren’t just looking for urban escapes. The company also shared that island-inspired destinations like the Florida Keys and Yakuve Island, Fiji, are trending, along with quiet getaways like Woodstock, Vermont. Rounding out the list is the entire (tiny) nation of Montenegro, which could be considered a mix of all the trends thanks to its bustling cities, quiet mountain villages, and stunning seaside. 

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In addition to identifying these hot spots, American Express Travel had its travel consultants create three-day itineraries for each destination, providing travelers with further inspiration on the top places to stay, eat, shop, and explore. 

Beyond the top destinations, American Express Travel also identified a few key trends driving travel in 2023, which included the fact that 89% of respondents to its survey said they want to go on a trip that helps them escape their routine, while 74% plan to travel more in 2023 for their wellbeing.

Additionally, 88% of respondents agree they like to seek out local experiences and learn about a culture when they travel, while 43% of respondents agree they want to travel more as their New Year’s resolution, and 50% of respondents have already started to think about where they want to go on their upcoming summer 2023 vacations. 

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