These Heat-Resistant Pot Holders Passed All of Our Tests with Flying Colors, and They're Now $9

They’re machine-washable, too.

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Big Red House Pot Holders Tout

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A sturdy pot holder might be one of those kitchen tools you take for granted. It gets scalded on a hot pan and then thrown in a drawer afterward. But given how hard potholders work to protect our fragile hands from hot dishes, we should be more appreciative. 

Not all pot holders and oven mitts are built the same, and any old cloth version just won’t do. Luckily, we tested over 20 different oven mitts by grabbing pans, baking dishes, and cast iron cookware straight out of the oven and rated them on performance, design, and ease of cleaning. The Big Red House over mitts came out on top. And while the mitts themselves aren’t on sale, a pair of matching pot holders made by the same brand are 57% off on Amazon right now. 

Big Red House Pot Holders


To buy: Big Red House Set of 2 Pot Holders, $9 (originally $20) at 

What you don't need when you’re trying to handle a sheet pan or baking dish straight out of the oven is a thin pot holder that burns or frays easily. It should also allow you to hold firmly onto the handles of a Dutch oven or the rim of a baking sheet without slipping. 

The pot holders are made from the same material as the editor-loved Big Red House oven mitts, which we found had a great design, could maintain high heats, and grip just about anything. And just like the oven mitts, the pot holders feature a convenient pocket so that you can slip your hand inside. This style is preferable over flat versions, which don’t offer protection that covers your whole hand. The turquoise color has the largest discount right now, but they are also on sale in red, black, blue denim, dark royal blue, gray

While some pot holders might feel bulky or stiff, making it hard to maneuver your hand, the cotton is thick enough to protect your hands from heat, but still thin enough that it allows freedom of movement. Thanks to the silicone striping on the inside of the pot holder, you can grip and lift pot lids, cookie sheets, and frying pans without worrying about dropping your cookware. And they are effective on all cookware materials, from stainless steel to glass. 

Both the oven mitts we tested and the pot holders are heat-resistant up to 480°F. And we found that even after 15 seconds of use, no heat came through the material. The potholders’ cotton and terry cloth lining is comfortable to wear and offers full coverage of your hand up to the wrist. And because messes are inevitable in the kitchen, they can be tossed in the washing machine for an easy clean. 

If your old pot holders have burn marks and holes, you need to replace them with a sturdy pair that can handle the heat. And now that this set of two from an editor-approved brand is more than 50% off, this is the perfect time for a refresh. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $9.

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