The 12 Best Outdoor Rugs, According to Design Experts

Live beautifully outdoors with our list of colorful, durable, and dinner party-ready picks.

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Best Outdoor Rugs


On the cusp of summer, it's time to clear out the cobwebs and enliven our patios and decks for the upcoming season. When it comes to living life outdoors, you need to focus on finding products that marry form with function — from a charming patio table that fits the whole family to a sleek outdoor grill that can crank out your signature BBQ ribs. One oft-forgotten piece of the fresh air formula is a hard-working and stylish outdoor rug.

From anchoring your new all-weather sectional in the sunroom to adding a bit of softness to your flagstone patio, outdoor rugs bring color, pattern, and personality to your space. Beyond that, they also lend functionality, helping to protect bare feet from the midday summer sun and making it easier to clean heavily trafficked areas. After testing several popular picks and researching dozens more, we found the best outdoor rugs that will up both the utility and design of your breezy backyard escape.

Unique Loom Indoor & Outdoor Border Area Rug

Unique Loom Outdoor Collection Transitional Indoor & Outdoor Casual Solid Tonal Border Area Rug


Pros: This lightweight outdoor rug comes in 9 different colors and over 30 different sizes, so you can easily customize your pick to your patio. 

Cons: Because this rug is a bit thinner, it doesn’t provide as much protection from rocks and other textural outdoor elements.

Consider this outdoor rug as more of a template, as it comes in a whopping 30 different sizes and 9 different pretty colors. This rug is also incredibly versatile — its flat-weave pile allows for seamless placement underneath furniture or plants both indoors and outdoors. It’s also fade- and stain-resistant, making it a smart choice for families with pets or little ones. 

During testing, we found this rug to be very easy to clean with both a vacuum and broom, and we didn’t notice any snags, tears, or damage to the rug after cleaning. Our tester also loved its lightweight design, noting how easy it was to fold and carry from one room to another.

Price at time of publish: $257 

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size (ft): Ranges from 2.2 x 3 feet to 9 x 12 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Safavieh Courtyard Beige and Brown Solid Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Walmart Safavieh Courtyard Beige and Brown Solid Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug


Pros: The natural color palette and subtle texture on this rug ensures it will go perfectly with any design style or home exterior. 

Cons: The thicker texture of this outdoor rug means it may take a bit of time to “relax” and lay flat. You may have to deal with creases or bent corners for a few weeks. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor rug that almost fades into the background, look no further than this neutral winner from Safavieh. Made from durable synthetic fibers that are stain and UV-resistant (not to mention non-shedding), it boasts a subtle woven pattern that lends visual interest without taking attention away from your prized rose bushes. Bonus: It can easily be cleaned with just soap and water. 

In our tests, we liked the quality and weave of this rug, noting that there were no loose threads or snags after daily use. Given its ease of cleaning, multiple size and color options, and overall durability, our tester recommends this rug as a solid pick for outdoor use. 

Price at time of publish: $64 

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Ranges from 2.3 x 5 feet to 10 x 14 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Urban Outfitters Tillie Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Urban Outfitters Tillie Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Urban Outfitters

Pros: As the name implies, this rug is completely reversible, so you can quickly flip it over for a refresh if you don’t have time to clean it before guests arrive.

Cons: Because this outdoor rug is made from recycled plastic, it may be a bit warmer underfoot than some of the other options on our list. 

If you’re of the mindset that bolder is better, you’re going to love this next pick. Realized in vibrant orange and white geometric stripes, this juicy design from Urban Outfitters feels like it's straight out of a Wes Anderson film in the best way possible. As an added perk, its recycled plastic makeup means it will stay just as vibrant (and just as shiny!) as the day you buy it.  

During testing, this rug won points for its colorful pattern and overall versatility. Our tester loved its reversible design, soft texture underfoot, and lightweight construction for seamless portability. Our tester also noted that this rug was easy to roll up and store when not in use. 

Price at time of publish: $159

  • Material: Polypropylene and polyester
  • Size: Ranges from 4 x 6 feet to 6 x 9 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Ruggable Border Braid Re-Jute Rug

Ruggable Border Braid Sand Re-Jute Rug


Pros: We love the neutral palette of this versatile, eco-friendly, and machine-washable rug

Cons: Due to its coarse jute-like texture, this rug is a bit difficult to sweep.  

If you love the look of natural fiber or jute rugs, know this: You don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic just because you’ll be placing a piece outdoors. This Ruggable beauty grants you the best of both worlds, with an outdoor rug that is as durable as it is design-forward. The nubby jute-like texture is slightly thicker than other styles on our list and ideal for lounge areas like a sunroom. Plus, this eco-friendly rug is made with up to 180 recycled plastic bottles.

During testing, we loved the quality and design of this rug, noting its versatile neutral palette and softness to the touch. Our tester also noted that this rug was easy to wipe down, brush, and hose off to clean.

Price at time of publish: $319 

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Ranges from 5 x 7 feet to 6 x 9 feet
  • Machine washable: Yes

Better Homes & Gardens Multi-Color Striped Outdoor Rug



Pros: This rug boasts lots of texture and fringe, which many outdoor rug designs typically don’t have. 

Cons: Because this pick is lightweight, it requires a runner to prevent folding or sliding around.

The summery, happy hues aren’t the only thing to love about this outdoor rug. Made with polypropylene, this rug is both fade- and weather-resistant, which makes it suitable for especially high-traffic areas. It’s also easy to care for with a vacuum, broom, or garden hose. Playful fringe and rainbow striping ensure it feels as playful and party-ready as your patio. 

During testing, we loved the colorful, cheery design of this rug. While it wasn’t the most durable pick we tested, it was easy to clean everyday debris with a broom. Since it’s lightweight and foldable, our tester noted that it would be easy to store in the colder months to extend its life.

Price at time of publish: $57 

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Ranges from 5 x 7 feet to 7 x 10 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Outdoor Olena Jade Rug

Outdoor Olena Jade Rug


Pros: When buying this (and any) Ruggable design, you can choose from a standard rug pad or a cushioned rug pad, allowing you to add a little extra softness if desired.

Cons: The lighter colors on this outdoor rug may be more prone to showing dirt and grime. 

For a funky and modern touch on your patio or balcony, look no further than Ruggable’s Olena design. The brand is known for its supremely life-friendly fabrications and this outdoor rug is no exception. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is machine washable, and is designed to be immune to all sorts of weather-induced ailments, such as UV fading, mold, and mildew. 

Price at time of publish: $229 

  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Ranges from 3 x 5 feet to 9 x 12 feet
  • Machine washable: Yes

Palazzo Sage Green Re-Jute Rug

Palazzo Sage Green Re-Jute Rug


Pros: This outdoor rug pattern comes in four stunning neutral shades, so you can customize your pick to compliment the design of your backyard. 

Cons: The edge binding on this piece is significantly lighter in color and may show signs of dirt easily. 

Fake the feel of an Italian villa in your very own backyard with help from this classic outdoor rug by Ruggable. It touts all of the same loveable qualities as other Ruggable pieces (think: washability, durability, flexibility), along with a subtle green and natural fiber diamond check pattern that practically begs for an Aperol Spritz.  

Price at time of publish: $319

  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Ranges from 3 x 5 feet to 6 x 9 feet
  • Machine washable: Yes

Highland Dunes Soraya Power Loom Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Patio Rug

Highland Dunes Soraya Power Loom Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Patio Rug


Pros: This rug comes in over 18 different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find the right one for your space. 

Cons: The pile on this outdoor rug is only .04 inches tall, so it won’t feel very plush underfoot. 

Design-wise, you can’t go wrong with a nautical blue stripe — especially during the summer. Use this versatile flat-weave rug from Highland Dunes to cover your deck or soften your dock without worry. It’s water- and fade-resistant and can be sprayed with water any time it needs a good clean. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Price at time of publish: $109

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Ranges from 2 x 3 feet to 11 x 15 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Horseshoes Flatweave Outdoor Rug

Horseshoes Flatweave Outdoor Rug


Pros: You can request a custom size of any Revival rug, which is ideal if your deck or patio is a bit wonky. 

Cons: If your outdoor space experiences a lot of foot traffic, the fringe on the edges of this rug may be quick to show wear. 

Who needs a view of the sunset when you have a rug this colorful at your feet? Designed in a cotton-candy palette reminiscent of the fading summer sky, this chic outdoor rug from Revival won a spot on our list of best outdoor rugs thanks to its bespoke details, like hand-tied fringe and recycled materials (a single rug contains 500 plastic water bottles!). Trust us: Your friends will hardly believe it stands up to water, UV rays, and more. 

Price at time of publish: $299 

  • Material: Recycled polyester
  • Size: Ranges from 5 x 8 feet to 10 x 14 feet; custom available
  • Machine washable: No

Jonathan Y Malta Bohemian Medallion Texture Weave Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Jonathan Y Malta Bohemian Medallion Texture Weave Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The Home Depot

Pros: You can choose from nearly endless customizations for this piece, including eight colorways, four shapes, and five sizes. 

Cons: This outdoor rug is not UV-resistant, so you may find that the pattern and/or color fade over time, especially with prolonged sun exposure. 

Calling all boho design fans: This vintage-inspired rug is ideal for your outdoor escape. It’s patterned just like something you’d find in an old flea market, except it’s much more durable, with the ability to resist water, mold, and mildew. Need to clean away the evidence of last night’s dinner party? Just hose it down with water and a bit of mild dish soap and let dry. 

Price at time of publish: $40

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Ranges from 3.1 x 5 feet to 7.8 x 10 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Pappelina Belle Stripe Indoor & Outdoor Rug

Pappelina Belle Stripe Indoor & Outdoor Rug


Pros: The unique material of this rug won’t hold on to dust, pollen, or other allergens, making this an excellent option for those with environmental sensitivities. 

Cons: This high-end design is one of the priciest picks on our list, and it might be more than some homeowners are willing to spend — especially if you don’t use your outdoor space year-round.

Do the phrases “classic or “traditional" describe your overall aesthetic? If so, allow us to introduce you to the best outdoor rug for your space. Not only does it earn high marks for durability and sustainability (it’s made of recycled Swedish plastic, which is free of phthalates and other toxins), but it perfectly encapsulates that timeless vibe you’re always going for, allowing the rest of your decor (and your stunning landscape) to do the talking. Choose from a selection of better-than-neutral shades, all rendered in a sophisticated pinstripe pattern. 

Price at time of publish: $633 

  • Material: PVC ribbon, polyester warp
  • Size: Ranges from 2 x 2.75 feet to 4.5 x 6.5 feet
  • Machine washable: Yes

West Elm Half Moon Layered Blocks Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Half Moon Layered Blocks Indoor/Outdoor Rug

West Elm

Pros: This rug is shed-resistant, so it will stay looking fresh no matter how many bare feet it encounters throughout the summer. 

Cons: The material of this outdoor rug is soft and can be rather slippery; a rug pad is recommended. 

Inject your outdoor space with a hefty dose of fun and energy with help from this vibrant West Elm pick. Handwoven from recycled polyester, it’s surprisingly soft and endlessly colorful, with hues of royal blue, fuchsia, mustard, and olive green all taking center stage. Even better, the low pile ensures it won’t stuck on the legs of any furniture if you choose to place it beneath something like a dining set. 

Price at time of publish: $254

  • Material: Recycled polyester
  • Size: Ranges from 5 x 8 feet to 9 x 12 feet
  • Machine washable: No

Factors to Consider


The best outdoor rugs are uniquely made to handle all sorts of wear and tear. While indoor rugs may be constructed from materials like wool and cotton, outdoor rugs are typically made from plant fibers or synthetic materials (like polyester or polypropylene), which are specially designed to withstand elements like moisture, mold, and sunlight. Translation: These materials are key to scoring an outdoor rug that maintains its shape, color, and structure, ensuring your investment is a worthy one.

One more thing: While using an indoor rug outdoors is generally a poor idea, laying down an outdoor rug inside is fine — and may even be a good idea if your house is home to kids or pets.


Just like homes, backyards come in all different shapes and sizes. For this reason, many of the rugs on our list are available in a variety of measurements (and, in some instances, shapes) to help accommodate everyone from apartment dwellers to homeowners that boast multiple acres. While you can bet you’ll always be able to find a rug that is 4 x 6 feet or 5 x 7 feet, other sizes may be more difficult to hunt down, so it’s best to shop with a general idea in mind of what size rug you’ll need.


All outdoor rugs come with a good amount of functionality — they’re made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, after all. That being said, there are a few smaller factors you should keep in mind depending on how you’re planning to use your chosen design. If you’re shopping for an outdoor rug to go beneath a dining table, you’ll want to look for a style that has a low pile, which will prevent food from settling into the fibers and won’t get caught on the legs of chairs as they’re pushed in and out.

Similarly, a full-sun spot may call for an outdoor rug that is made from polypropylene or polyester instead of 100% plastic, which is more likely to feel hot to the touch when warmed by the sun’s rays. 


When determining the durability of the outdoor rugs on our list, we considered several factors, including their ability to stand up to moisture, the toughness of the fibers, and whether or not the color would fade under the sunlight. When shopping for an outdoor rug that is as tough as it is beautiful, look for buzzwords like waterproof, UV-resistant, and mold- and mildew-resistant to indicate just how hard a piece will work for you.


Even though outdoor rugs are as tough as they come, they will need a bit of care now and then to stay looking their best. All of the picks on our list of best outdoor rugs can be washed using mild dish soap and water (pressure from a garden hose will give you the best shot at dislodging debris); others even have the added flexibility of handling a traditional washing machine. Always read the manufacturer’s care instructions before cleaning your outdoor rug to ensure you don’t ruin the piece or void your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best material for outdoor patio rugs?

    When selecting the best material for outdoor patio rugs, look for designs made from polyester, polypropylene, and other synthetic materials. “While we tend to gravitate towards natural materials whenever possible, outdoor rugs are typically constructed from manufactured synthetic materials and designed with durability and weatherproofing properties in mind,” says interior designer Angela Hamwey of Mackenzie & Co. 

    “Polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic materials tend to be the best materials for outdoor rugs. They can handle heavy foot traffic and moisture, are stain and fade resistant, and easy to clean.”

  • What are the best outdoor rugs to withstand rain?

    If moisture is a top concern, shop for an outdoor rug constructed primarily of polypropylene, suggests Hamwey. “Polypropylene rugs are best known for their strength and water-resistant properties, making them an ideal choice in terms of their ability to withstand rain or moisture,” she says.

    “Acrylic rugs are comparable in terms of durability and quality and will release moisture quickly, making them more resistant to mildew or mold. While durable, materials like polyester will not offer the same water-repellent qualities and will need to be properly dried to avoid mold or mildew from developing. Nylon rugs can withstand moderate amounts of rain and moisture, however, they tend to absorb stains more easily.”

  • Can outdoor rugs be left outside?

    Yes! Outdoor rugs are designed to hold their own against whatever Mother Nature throws at them and, in most cases, can be left outdoors without worry. That said, if you live in a four-season environment, consider bringing in your outdoor rug for the winter season so it's not exposed to harsh or freezing temperatures that may prematurely wear out the fibers.

  • What is the best carpet for a covered porch?

    While a covered porch may not receive the same amount of rain as an uncovered outdoor space, it will still be subjected to ambient moisture and humidity, both of which can cause issues like mold or mildew to crop up. For that reason, your best bet is to invest in an outdoor rug that’s best equipped to handle rain, which is one made from polypropylene according to our experts. This way, you don’t run the risk of underestimating the moisture levels in your covered porch and ending up with a moldy or musty rug.

  • What kind of outdoor rugs can be machine-washed?

    Before washing any outdoor rug, it’s important to read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to determine how (and whether) the rug should be washed. Most of the outdoor rugs on our list can be washed using mild dish soap and water, while some of them are machine washable. As a general rule of thumb, some (but not all) polyester outdoor rugs are machine washable.

  • What type of outdoor rug hides dirt best?

    When it comes to disguising dirt, mud, and debris on your outdoor rug, focus more on appearance and less on the material. “The best rug for hiding dirt outside is not necessarily the type of the material but the color combination in the rug,” says interior designer Andi Morse of Morse Design. “Depending on what your outside area looks like, pick colors and patterns that closely match the surrounding area so that dirt, grass, and other stains will be hidden.”

    Adds Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors: “Dirt, bark, and tree debris are a reality of any outdoor space. To minimize the impact, we choose rugs that not only have darker palettes, but also texture. Braiding, fringe, and knotty weaves help distract the eye from the debris.”

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