The 6 Best Mandolines of 2023

Our top pick is the Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Mandoline.

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Best Mandolines


Mandolines allow you to chop large batches of produce quicker than a knife and create uniform cuts for specific recipes and texture needs. They are particularly useful at making fast work of tough-to-slice vegetables, like potatoes and squash, so you can effortlessly cut them super thin or extra thick.

With different blade types, designs, and safety features, it can be hard to know which mandoline is right for you. Luckily, we researched the top models on the market to determine the ones worth adding to your kitchen. Plus, we consulted with Josh Donald, owner of Bernal Cutlery, to find out what professionals look for in this kitchen tool. Read on for our list of the best mandolines, including our top choice, the Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Mandoline, as it’s suitable for any type of vegetable thanks to its razor-sharp blades.

Best Overall

Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Hand-Held Mandoline

Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Hand-Held Mandoline


Pros: The blades stay sharp after years of use and are easy to swap out to adjust thickness. 

Cons: The white plastic can stain easily. 

Effortlessly slice your favorite fruits and veggies with this German-made mandoline. This set comes with a safety guard, storage caddy, and three blade inserts for julienne, shreds, and thin and thick slices. Not only does it work well on hearty vegetables, but it’s also suitable for delicate produce like ripe tomatoes thanks to the V-style blade. To get things clean, carefully wash your mandoline by hand immediately after each use, as the white plastic can stain easily. The tool can stand upright on your countertop, so it takes up minimal space when not in use. 

Price at time of publish: $60

  • Blade Style: V-style
  • Blades Included: 3

Best Value

Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer



Pros: For an incredible price, this mandoline includes five interchangeable blades. 

Cons: It may be hard to place a bowl underneath the blade to catch the sliced items.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a quality mandoline. This model has five different multipurpose blade options, so you can use it as a grater, shredder, coarse shredder, slicer blade, or wavy blade for cheese, fruits, or veggies. The thickness is fully adjustable between 1 and 9 millimeters to meet your various needs, and your hands will stay protected thanks to the slicer guard feature with stainless steel prongs that keep food secure. It’s dishwasher-safe for a fuss-free cleanup, and everything packs into a storage box when not in use.

Price at time of publish: $40

  • Blade Style: V-style
  • Blades Included: 5

Best Handheld

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Vegetable Slicer Set

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline


Pros: It’s compact, lightweight, and sits securely on bowls and containers. 

Cons: The maximum thickness for this mandoline is only three millimeters.

Instead of having to swap in and out multiple blades, this Japanese mandoline has a straight ceramic blade that can be adjusted between four different widths — from 0.5 to 3 millimeters thick. It has a plastic handguard that keeps your hands safe while slicing and corner notches that secure to your bowl of choice to streamline the task. Overall, this is a super lightweight model that’s dishwasher-safe and simple to use.

Price at time of publish: $25

  • Blade Style: Japanese
  • Blades Included: 1

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Best Professional

Bron Coucke Original Stainless Steel Classic Chef's Mandoline

Bron Coucke Original Stainless Steel Classic Chef's Mandoline


Pros: This heavy-duty, high-quality mandoline easily adjusts to your desired thickness and is built to last.

Cons: It can be cumbersome at first, but once you get the hang of it, it works flawlessly. 

If you’re willing to spend more for something that will last forever, this is the model for you. With three different blades and adjustable thickness settings, this French-made stainless steel mandoline is a top pick for professionals. Take your pick from typical straight cuts, julienne, and wavy slices for whatever’s on the menu, knowing the stainless steel handguard will keep the tool sturdy and secure. If you live in a smaller space with minimal storage, this five-pound tool might be a bit too bulky compared to more compact or handheld mandolines. 

Price at time of publish: $300

  • Blade Style: French
  • Blades Included: 3

Best for Beginners

Dash Safe Slice Mandoline



Pros: This model has an advanced safety feature that keeps your fingers completely protected from the blade.

Cons: The chute is too small for some foods, so you might need to cut them first to make them fit. 

If you’re not confident with your mandoline skills quite yet, there are options out there with extra safety features perfect for beginners. We love the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer because of its chute that sends your food through the blade with the help of a spring-loaded handle, preventing your fingers from getting anywhere near sharp edges. There are 30 different slicing options between two blades, ranging from half a millimeter to eight millimeters, which allow you to dice, julienne, and matchstick to your liking.

What’s more, your freshly sliced and diced vegetables will fall perfectly into the built-in food catcher. The entire mandoline folds down to store easily for fuss-free storage and is even available in multiple color options to fit your style. 

Price at time of publish: $50

  • Blade Style: V-style
  • Blades Included: 2

Best Wide

Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer

Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer


Pros: This mandoline is ideal for larger vegetables that need uniform cuts. 

Cons: It only comes with one blade option and is on the pricier side.

For large heads of cabbage that need quick shredding or bulky potatoes that need slicing, turn to this jumbo Benriner mandoline. The cutting surface is 6.5 inches wide, perfect for larger produce items. A variable knob lets you adjust the thickness as needed, but there are no labels to let you know exactly how thick or thin you’re slicing. 

This only has one straight blade, so it lacks the versatility that other mandolines offer with multiple options. This is safe to be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher, and replacement blades are available for purchase if damage happens over time.

Price at time of publish: $123

  • Blade Style: Japanese
  • Blades Included: 1

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Our Favorite

Our top pick is the Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Mandoline because it’s blades are extremely sharp, and it’s versatile yet compact. For a professional-grade option, we recommend the Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Mandoline, as it’s built to last a lifetime.

Factors to Consider

Blade Type

Each mandoline type has its advantages that you should consider before making a purchase. French mandolines are the most traditional design, typically made of stainless steel featuring multiple pieces. A V-shaped mandoline is ideal for large veggies since it offers two entry points, but it might not be a good fit for less-wide veggies, like radishes or cucumbers, that can’t reach both ends of the blade. Japanese mandolines tend to be handheld models, offering just as much durability (and sometimes more versatility) as French designs.

You’ll also want to decide whether you want a handheld or kickstand model. For handheld models, you hold the tool in your non-dominant hand and use your other hand to glide the food over the blade. In comparison, a kickstand mandoline leaves the non-dominant hand free from holding the tool while the dominant hand puts in the work.


Many mandolines offer safety features of some kind to keep the food secure while slicing and protect your fingers from the sharp blade. If your mandoline does not come with a handguard, hold your produce with a protective cut-proof glove or clean kitchen towel and exercise caution.


Many mandolines offer versatility beyond one blade or thickness. A variable knob can adjust the thickness to your liking, and blades are provided to change your cut style from straight to julienne, or even a fine shred. Look for a model that includes blade styles you’ll use most often.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is a mandoline slicer worth it?

    Yes, mandolines are great to have on hand and can serve multiple uses in your kitchen, according to Donald. He says that are especially useful for “thin slicing vegetables where even thickness is a key part of their preparation — think potatoes au gratin, evenly caramelized onions, radishes for salad, quick pickled eggplant, pickled onions, thinly sliced carrots for salads. Just watch your fingers, and don't try to use up the entire vegetable.”

  • How thick does a mandoline slice?

    Depending on the mandoline, it can range from razor-thin to super thick. In Donald’s eyes, these are the tools most worth your money. “The best ones, and ones only worth using, in my humble opinion, are adjustable anywhere from 1 to 10 millimeters.”

  • How do you clean a mandoline slicer?

    “​​Some need to be taken apart to a certain degree, while others are best cleaned with a scrub brush and hot soapy water,” Donald says. Always look at the manufacturer's instructions to confirm whether or not your parts are dishwasher-safe. Note: Even if your mandoline is dishwasher-safe, consider handwashing to prolong its life.

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