The 7 Best Dishwashers for Sparkling Kitchenware, According to Experts

Newer models operate quietly and may offer Wi-Fi connectivity and high-heat sanitization, all while leaving your dishes spotless.

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The Best Dishwashers for Sparkling Kitchenware

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A dishwasher plays a vital role in the kitchen, saving home cooks the time and labor of washing dishes by hand. And modern dishwashers use less water than hand-washing, making them the eco-friendly choice.

The best dishwashers have numerous technology features and can last for a considerable amount of time. “Most dishwashers last between 8 and 12 years, depending on the frequency of use, care, and maintenance,” says Home Appliance Expert Jessica Petrino Ball. She adds that “a little basic maintenance can eliminate bacteria and grime and keep your dishwasher functioning smoothly.”

Read on to learn more about our full list of expert-approved dishwashers.

Best Overall

Bosch SHE53B75UC 300 Series

Bosch SHE53B75UC 300 Series


Pros: You can reposition the top rack even when the dishwasher is full, and it can connect to your Wi-Fi. 

Cons: Its features may take time to learn thoroughly. 

The Bosch 300 Series dishwasher couldn’t be packed with more incredible features, making it our top choice for the best dishwasher. Petrino said the brand recently extended its smart capabilities across most of the dishwasher lineup. “Now equipped with Wi-Fi and HomeConnect, one can operate and monitor their dishwasher from their phone or smart speaker,” she says. This is useful for reordering dishwasher tabs and setting a cycle from your phone or tablet. It also has advanced leak protection, so there’s no longer a risk of spillage in the event of a leak occurrence. 

Beyond the convenience of six programs, five cycle settings, enough space for 15 place settings, and a third rack for additional space, there’s no getting cleaner dishes than what this model can offer. Advanced technologies ensure that water goes exactly where it's needed, so no matter what the placement of a dish, it will come out sparkling. Plus, the PureDry technology also sanitizes everything inside during the sanitation cycle, heating water to 162 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bacteria seamlessly, and it operates very quietly. 

Price at time of publish: $900`

  • Dimensions: 24 x 34 x 22 inches 
  • Capacity: 15 place settings
  • Finishes: Stainless steel 
  • Sound Rating: 46 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Best Value

Whirlpool WDP540HAMZ 55 dBA Quiet Dishwasher

Whirlpool WDP540HAMZ 55dBA Quiet Dishwasher


Pros: A triple filtration system removes food particles as it washes, and cup shelves let you store six additional cups. 

Cons: The plastic interior accounts for its lower price point. 

Despite its lower price tag, this Whirlpool dishwasher isn’t lacking features. “This dishwasher offers several desirable cycles for an affordable price,” Petrino says, which include Extended Soak, Heavy, Boost, and Quick options. We appreciate the overfill detector that can sense when too much water is in the basin and stops the power accordingly. With the triple filtration system, you won’t have to worry about food particles left on dishes: It washes them away, then cleans the water between washing stages so they can’t get recirculated. Petrino adds that “the stainless steel door helps the water condense at the end of the cycle.”

The dishwasher has a lower price than many others due to its plastic interior, with racks coated in nylon to make them last longer than plastic alone. It’s available in several finishes, including black, white, and stainless steel, and there’s a towel bar option should you want to store a towel on the front. With the ability to accommodate 12 place settings, this dishwasher is plenty large for day-to-day use and won’t leave you stuck hand-washing when entertaining large groups.  

Price at time of publish: $679

  • Dimensions: 24 x 24.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Capacity: 12 place settings
  • Finishes: Black, white, stainless steel
  • Sound Rating: 55 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Best Splurge

Bosch SHX78B75UC 800 Series

Bosch SHX78B75UC 800 Series


Pros: At 176 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s one of the hottest drying dishwashers, and it’s also very quiet. 

Cons: The standard warranty is only one year.

This higher-end option will have you cleaning your dishes with all the advanced technologies you can imagine. “This dishwasher offers luxurious features such as the patented CrystalDry technology,” says Petrino, who tells us that it “uses natural minerals to collect moisture and transform it into heat.” This means that the hot air is circulated throughout the tub to dry dishes, and even plastics, with no added chemicals, so you can stop purchasing chemical-laden drying aids. There’s an adjustable third upper rack that you can move in nine different ways to fit stemware and other tall items. 

Like the 300 series, this dishwasher has PureDry technology and intensive leak protection, high heat sanitizing, fits 15 place settings, and offers Wi-Fi connectivity to run it from afar. Additionally, it’s even quieter than the 300 series, shaving four decibel points off for a sound level of just 42 dBA. It’s so quiet that an “info light” shines on the floor to let you know when it’s running. While the 300 series has six program options, this model has eight. 

Price at time of publish: $1,299

  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 34 x 22.5 inches
  • Capacity: 15 place settings
  • Finishes: Stainless steel
  • Sound Rating: 42 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Quietest Dishwasher

Samsung Linear Wash Top Control 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

Samsung DW80R9950US Smart Linear Wash

Best Buy

Pros: This dishwasher is essentially silent and will clean dishes thoroughly regardless of where they’re placed. 

Cons: The door automatically opens at the end of the cycle, which not everyone may desire. 

As quiet as a dishwasher gets, this Samsung model shares many of the same features as our Bosch choices but with even lower decibels. “This intelligent Wi-Fi-connected dishwasher is feature-loaded with the brand’s exclusive Linear Wash System,” Petrino says. “It has AquaBlast jets spray on an arm that runs back and forth, providing corner-to-corner coverage.” It’s a large-capacity choice with the ability to hold 15 place settings, and you can operate it via your mobile device. Thoughtfully designed, there is even a specific zone booster that targets the lower left corner of the machine with extra water to reach pots and pans. 

The third rack is ideal for cutlery and utensils and is adjustable for larger pieces that wouldn’t otherwise fit on top. Premium ball bearings make the glide rail system operate smoothly when filled with heavy dishware, and the door automatically opens after each cycle to create a peak environment for the driest dishes possible. Petrino considers the Samsung Smart Linear Wash a wise investment, telling us that “this dishwasher provides many luxurious features at a relatively affordable price.”

Price at time of publish: $1,080

  • Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 25 inches
  • Capacity: 15 place settings
  • Finishes: Black stainless, Tuscan stainless, navy stainless, stainless steel 
  • Sound Rating: 39 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Best Compact

Frigidaire 18-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

Frigidaire FFBD1831US Front Control 18-Inch Built-In


Pros: Despite its small size, this dishwasher features a sanitizing cycle and three program options. 

Cons: It’s louder than other models. 

Don’t let the small size of this Frigidaire 18-inch dishwasher fool you: Petrino says that “this compact dishwasher offers space for up to eight place settings,” adding that it’s an excellent choice for small kitchens or, perhaps, a dining room wet bar. Its sanitization cycle removes the same amount of bacteria — 99.99% — as larger models, and it can be set in advance. You have a choice of up to 24 hours for a delayed start. “I like that it offers a stainless steel interior, a heated dry setting, and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation,” Petrino says.

At 52 decibels, this dishwasher is louder than our other favorite models, but it still shouldn’t be disruptive. While it’s less likely you’ll be washing many pots and pans, it does have a heavy-duty cycle that makes that an option without worrying about them getting clean enough. The filtration system removes food particles, and lights indicate which part of the cycle the dishwasher is in. Being smaller than the average, it’s much lighter: This dishwasher weighs just 71 pounds, compared to larger models over 100 pounds. 

Price at time of publish: $899

  • Dimensions: 18 x 32.5 x 23 inches
  • Capacity: 8 place settings
  • Finishes: Black, white, stainless steel
  • Sound Rating: 52 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Best Countertop

Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Professional Countertop Portable Dishwasher

Farberware Professional Countertop Dishwasher


Pros: No matter how small your space, this model should fit, and it can hold up to six place settings. 

Cons: It may not last as long as typical dishwashers. 

If you don’t have room for a traditional dishwasher, this Farberware model allows you to wash dishes more expediently than by hand, housing itself directly on a counter. It has an LED display and holds six place settings, making it perfect for RVs, campers, dorm rooms, and studio apartments. It has lots of functionality, including seven run programs, one of which is baby care. This means you can use it as an additional dishwasher just for bottles, so you aren’t constantly running your full-sized one in the kitchen. 

Featuring digital touch controls, it includes a self-clean option to save you on cleaning time and a quick cycle that only takes 45 minutes from start to finish. Plus, there’s an extra drying finish option to ensure your dishes are as dry as can be. It’s worth noting that you’ll connect this dishwasher to a faucet, so it will not be operational when you need to use your kitchen sink. At $370 and just over 40 pounds, it makes dishwashing by machine accessible to many for whom it wouldn’t otherwise be. 

Price at time of publish: $369

  • Dimensions: 23 x 25.5 x 24 inches
  • Capacity: 6 place settings
  • Finishes: Black, white, white with glass
  • Sound Rating: Not available 
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Best Portable

GE GPT145SSLSS 18 in. Stainless Steel Portable Dishwasher

GE 18-Inch Portable Freestanding Dishwasher


Pros: The dishwasher decides how long to run based on how dirty your dishes are, and there’s a sanitization function. 

Cons: The cost is equivalent to many larger models. 

For those wanting something bigger than a countertop model yet still portable, this GE freestanding dishwasher will surprise you with multiple aspects you’d expect from full-size options. “Intended for renters, small apartments, or vacation homes, this portable dishwasher offers an NSF-certified sanitary clean, a built-in food disposer to grind up leftover food particles, and is Energy-Star-Certified,” says Petrino. Soil levels on dishes are measured by a light beam, which adjusts the duration of your cycle to longer or shorter depending on how dirty they are and the water temperature. 

This portable dishwasher has three different cycle programs, as well as five options for them. The stainless steel blade of the food disposer operates at 3,600 RPM, so you don’t have to stress about anything getting stuck in the machine. The silverware basket can be removed for cleaning or putting away items in drawers, and caster wheels keep it mobile, though you will need to install those yourself. Like the countertop model, this dishwasher will connect to a faucet for a water source. 

Price at time of publish: $949

  • Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 25.5 inches
  • Capacity: 8 place settings
  • Finishes: Stainless steel
  • Sound Rating: 52 dBA
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

Our Favorite

The Bosch SHE53B75UC 300 Series is our best overall pick because it lets you operate your dishwasher via phone or tablet, has an adjustable top rack that can be moved even when full, and advanced leak protection for a spill-free kitchen. If a low noise level is your main priority, the Samsung Smart Linear Wash operates nearly silently, and it also comes enhanced with smart features.

Factors to Consider


Dishwashers come in one standard size, which Petrino tells us is 24 inches wide and able to “fit under a standard 36-inch-tall countertop.” She adds that “a small selection of models are ADA-compliant height, so they fit under counters lower than the standard 36-inch height,” plus, there are smaller options available should your space require another option. They vary in capacity, with up to 15 place settings being quite large and the average being 12.


Stainless steel is the most popular finish option; however, you have choices. “While stainless steel reigns supreme, you can find a wide range of finishes including white, black stainless steel, and cabinet-panel-ready,” Petrino says. “We are seeing growing interest in dishwashers with cabinet-panel fronts, as you can make your dishwasher disappear seamlessly into your kitchen.”


A good dishwasher will give you multiple settings to choose from. Petrino tells us that “prior to the pandemic, most people chose the “auto” or “normal” cycle almost 100% of the time. Now that we’re seeing people cook more at home, we’re noticing people ask for a “quick” cycle. There has also been more interest in a “heavy duty” or a “sanitize” setting to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Lastly, we see some consumers looking for a “China-crystal” setting to accommodate delicate dishes and glassware.”

Noise Level

Dishwashers range in decibel level from about 40 to 60 decibels. “Dishwashers are quieter than ever. I personally think that dishwashers 46dBA or lower are very quiet. Dishwashers are available as quiet as 38 dBA which is virtually silent,” Petrino says. To ensure you purchase one that is quiet enough for you, choose one under 36 decibels.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you clean a dishwasher?

    Always look first at your dishwasher’s user manual. Once you’ve done that, Petrino recommends the following:

    1. Clean the Drain

    The drain, located at the bottom of your dishwasher, is a magnet for gunk, so it is an excellent spot to start. Simply open the dishwasher, pull out the bottom rack, and use a paper towel to wipe up any debris.

    2. Rinse the Interior 

    To clean the inside of the dishwasher, remove the racks, utensil basket, and any other accessories and set them aside. Pour white vinegar into the bottom of the empty machine, close the door, and run your dishwasher using the hottest water possible. If you prefer, you can substitute a packet of unsweetened lemonade mix for the vinegar. Simply sprinkle the mix on the bottom of the machine. Either option will freshen your dishwasher’s interior.

    3. Wash the Accessories

    While your dishwasher is completing its cycle, turn your attention to the racks and utensil holders that normally hold your dishes while they are being washed. Fill your sink with a 50/50 mix of hot water and white vinegar, and grab your preferred scrubbing tool. Wipe the accessories down carefully, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies where the residue is likely to be lurking. If you find yourself battling stubborn deposits in tight places, then try using the toothbrush. Both gentle and effective, it can banish grime without damaging the accessories.

    4. Clean the Seal

    Once the dishwasher has finished its cycle, you can turn your attention to the seal around the dishwasher’s door. Dampen a paper towel or soft cloth with the vinegar water cleaning solution, open the dishwasher door, and gently wipe the seal and the surrounding area. Make sure you get into the grooves. If you notice tough stains, use the toothbrush and a paste made from baking soda and water to scrub them away. While you’re cleaning the seal, do not forget to clean the area around the dishwasher

    door’s hinges as well.

    5. Scrub the Interior

    Examine the inside of your dishwasher for signs of buildup or stains. Look at the paces under the spray arms and other areas where the residue will likely build up. The vinegar rinse from step two may have left the tub nice and clean, but if you spot any trouble areas, you can take a hands-on approach. Simply fill the spray bottle with some vinegar water cleaning solution, spray the problem spots, and wipe them down with a paper towel or cloth. If you encounter any particularly stubborn areas, consider using the toothbrush and a paste made from baking soda and water.

    Once you are happy with the way the inside of your dishwasher tub looks, sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the tub. Return the racks and utensil bins, close the door, and run another cycle with hot water. When it is done, the inside of your dishwasher will

    be bright, shiny, and clean.

    6. Clean the Exterior

    With the interior of your dishwasher sparkling and fresh, there is no reason to neglect the appliance’s exterior. Remove fingerprints and dirt from the dishwasher’s exterior by wiping it down with a cloth dampened with vinegar and water cleaning solution.

  • How should you load your dishwasher?

    According to Petrino, how you load a dishwasher is a matter of preference, but she has numerous tips to ensure a good cleaning cycle. “I typically place large dishes, platters, pots, and pans on the lower rack,” she says, noting that “some models even offer adjustable interiors to accommodate oversized items.” Then, “on the middle rack, I place breakfast bowls, cups, baby bottles, and other large cooking utensils. I highly recommend a dishwasher with a third rack for cutlery, as it holds so much more capacity. On the top rack, I like to line up cutlery as well as bottle tops and other miscellaneous small items.” She adds that the racks vary on most dishwasher models. “Make sure your dishes fit in between the tines and are pointing the correct way. Dishes should feel sturdy in the racks.”

  • How long do dishwashers last?

    Expect about a decade of usage out of your dishwasher. “Most dishwashers last between 8 and 12 years depending on the frequency of use, care, and maintenance. Some high-end brands, like Miele, test products for 20 years of regular household use.”

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