Ben Affleck Is Finally Making His Dream of Working for Dunkin' a Reality

He's living his best life.

Ben Afflecks carries two Dunkin Donuts' iced coffees

Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

Ben Affleck may not have been born in New England, but he’s surely been adopted as a native son. Affleck, born in Berkeley, California, moved to Cambridge when he was just three years old, meaning all of his formative years took place in Boston. And it means he (probably) grew up drinking Dunkin’, too. If you need proof of his coffee habits, just look at the many, many, many paparazzi shots of him carrying multiple Dunkin’ cups around Los Angeles and beyond. Heck, there’s even a meme about it. And now, after all these years, it appears Dunkin’ has finally wrangled one of Boston’s favorite sons into appearing in an ad, which is shooting just in time for the Super Bowl. 

On Tuesday, NBC10, the local Boston affiliate, reported that Affleck has been spotted slinging coffees at a local Dunkin’ in Medford, surrounded by a film crew. Darren Botelho, the station’s weekend anchor, shared on Twitter that he spoke to one lucky customer of Affleck’s, calling him “incredibly funny and quick-witted.”

No word on what Affleck was actually filming inside the Dunkin’ location. However, TMZ speculates that the timing would be right for Affleck to be filming a commercial to appear during the upcoming Super Bowl. Food & Wine reached out to Dunkin’ for a comment, but haven’t received confirmation as of publication. We can only hope this Boston-centric ad lives up to the greatest gathering of Bostonians in a Super Bowl spot yet — the 2020 Hyundai ad for its Smaht Pahk car, featuring Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and David Ortiz.

As a born and raised New Englander, and longtime Boston resident, I have a favor to ask after watching this ad and thinking about Affleck in a Dunkin' — say hello to ya motha for me, will ya? 

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