The Brooklyn-based brewery wants to eliminate the beer geek line and let people buy limited released direct from their app.

It's become a craft beer cliché: Brewery fanboys lining up down the block awaiting the latest limited release—with beards and cooler bags as far as the eye can see. But Sixpoint Brewery believes it doesn't have to be that way. The Brooklyn-based brewer is about to release what it's calling a "first-of-its-kind native mobile app" that will allow customers to skip the line and buy these kinds of beers direct from the brewery.

In fact, with its new Sixpoint App, there won't be a line at all—because for the brewery's inaugural trial of this new system, canned beers must be purchased through the app. Only crowlers and samples of other beers will be available to walk-ins. So those interested in locking down six-packs of the small-batch releases Lil' Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weisse and Toppen-ish IPA will have to fire up the app at 12 p.m. ET on Monday, September 25 and lock in their order. These customers' brews will then be waiting for them in Red Hook, Brooklyn on the actual September 30 release date.

"We can now look back and clearly see there were certain moments that altered the course of brewing forever… Flash forward to 2017, and Sixpoint has devised a way to directly link the brewery to its customers from the palm of their hand," Sixpoint founder Shane C. Welch said in a statement. "For generations, breweries and their supply chain were shrouded in mystery—the process and the entire ecosystem was kept out of the public eye, and the actual product was just something that appeared on the shelf or on tap alongside a marketing message. We've changed all of that with our mobile app, as we have directly linked our customers with our great suppliers, the formulation process, and the product itself. We're the conduit."

Of course, though not having to wait in line certainly has its benefits, physical queues have their advantages as well. With a line, at least you know where your place is. As anyone who's ever tried to buy tickets for a hot concert via Ticketmaster can attest to, purchasing high-demand products online can lead to disappointment as well. However, Sixpoint Vice President of Marketing Max Nevins said they have that issue covered. "There will be limits on how much you can buy because we want to give as many people as possible a shot to try the beer," he said via email, "but we also want to make sure that people can get enough that it's worth their time to come down to Red Hook on a Saturday." Orders will also be non-transferable, requiring customers to show an ID when picking up their brews. And by using an app, the brewery can continue to make adjustments as well. "Over time the app will help us optimize production quantities to balance this out," explained Nevins.

Regardless, sky-high demand will likely not be an issue for the trial run because the app is launching as a closed beta. If you want to sign up, head to