The red-tinged English pale ale will be served on the cruise line's first ship, the Scarlet Lady.

Credit: Virgin Voyages

If you want to become a billionaire like Richard Branson, you obviously have to be a bit of a doer. But truly successful businesspersons know they can't do everything themselves, so you also have to be a great delegator, too. And for his latest venture, the Virgin founder (and recent entrant into the world of food halls) is delegating a task to us: Name his new cruise line's beer.

But let's dial it back a step for those not on top of travel industry news. Back in 2014, Branson and company announced what would become Virgin Voyages, a cruise line slated to finally set sail next year. With 2020 rapidly approaching, the venture is now focusing on some smaller details — like what the heck are they going to call the signature beer served aboard their first ship, the Scarlet Lady?

The brew — which will be available while the ship whisks guests between Miami and the Caribbean — has already been created, a collaboration with Miami's Wynwood Brewing. Virgin explains that this English pale ale "is created by connecting American and English brewing traditions; brewed using American malts and hops in Miami but using an English yeast, tying back to Virgin's British roots." The resulting brew is "slightly more bitter and hoppy" than most English pales, but is still malty, including "a little touch of roasted malt that gives it its signature red tint." As such, the beer's official tagline is an "English pale ale with a kiss of scarlet."

All that's left to decide is the name, and that's where Virgin Voyages is looking for some help. Followers can suggest names for the brew by commenting on a new Instagram post featuring the can. Admittedly, this whole thing has the feel of a contest, but unfortunately, whoever comes up with the best name apparently won't win anything for their efforts. That said, being able to put "worked for Richard Branson" on your resume isn't too shabby.

Meanwhile, if your interest has been piqued on Virgin Voyages in general, this latest announcement also came with some additional details on the cruise line's beer program as a whole. "Located on Deck 7, the Draught Haus will be one of the first bars Sailors will discover on board Scarlet Lady and is the perfect casual meet up spot on the ship to grab an expertly brewed beer with friends," the brand states, "offering eight beers on tap, a wide range of bottled artisanal beers, shots, shot-cocktails and boilermakers. Sailors can enjoy ice cold beverages as music filters in from the adjacent Voyage Vinyl record shop and DJ booth. The bar will also offer a growler service, so Sailors can enjoy the expertly curated craft beers in any of the Scarlet Lady's uniquely designed public spaces or in the comfort of their cabin."

Credit: Virgin Voyages

Want to drink a growler of English pale ale on a Richard Branson-approved cruise to the Caribbean? Virgin Voyages is currently booking rooms starting in April 2020.