There's an easy formula for coming up with an intriguing name.


Have you been considering opening your own craft brewery? With more than two new breweries opening in the U.S. every day, sometimes it feels like the only thing holding people back from a life of professional brewing is that they haven't yet thought of a catchy beer name. (And seriously, coming up with unique, trademarkable beer names has been a problem in the industry.) But if naming is your biggest concern, worry no more: Twitter has come up with the perfect formula for naming your craft beer—and anyone can do it!

A few days ago, Australian comedian and Great Australian Bake Off co-host Mel Buttle fired off this simple formula via her Twitter account: "Name your craft beer! It's the job your granddad did plus a word you don't fully understand," she wrote. "Mine is 'The Boxer's Contingency'."

Of course, anyone who played "What is your porn name?" growing up is familiar with this kind of naming convention. (For those who had wholesome upbringings, to harness your inner pornstar, the general consensus is that the moniker should be a combination of your middle name and the street you grew up on.) Meanwhile, Buttle's system seems to have an unexplained flaw: How are you supposed to pick the word you don't understand? Not to belittle everyone's intelligence, but most of us have a passel of such terms. We're talking a major passel!

Still, people on Twitter jumped at the chance to share their craft brew names with the world. And Buttle, apparently happy that people were willing to play along, retweeted dozens of her favorites. Some were extremely straightforward like "Sailor's Confabulation" or "Plumber's Mélange." Others took Buttle's joke and tried to one up it a bit—responses like "Engineer's Offside Rule" (football rules can be very tough to understand!), "Agricultural Equipment Salesman Nonplussed" (what a job!) and "Professor Whom" (so many layers!).

As for yours truly, what would my craft beer name be? Why "Editors Passel" of course. Frankly, it's a lot better than my porn name, "Aaron Rainy Lake Drive."