You can probably drink a whole sleeve.

thick mint pack
Credit: © Southern Tier Brewing Company

In recent years, not content with resting on their entrepreneurial laurels, the Girl Scouts of America have gone beyond simply selling their famous line of cookies, parlaying the seasonal sweets into all sorts of other products: teaming up with Nestle for Girl Scout cookie-flavored Nesquik chocolate milk, teaming up with General Mills for Girl Scout cookie-flavored cereals, even teaming up with Yankee Candle for Girl Scout cookie-scented candles. Hell, the Scouts would probably find a partner to help them brew a Girl Scout cookie-flavored beer if it wouldn’t create the backlash of the century for the organization that caters to kids under the age of 18. However, though an official stamp of approval from the Scouts is probably out of the question (for obvious reasons), that doesn’t mean a brewery can’t take a little inspiration from the girls’ iconic Thin Mints to whip up a brew. Hitting shelves soon, Southern Tier Thick Mint seems to be the closest you’ll come to a Thin Mint/stout mashup.

New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company has a long history of brewing beers that are more fit for dessert than for after a hot day of mowing your lawn. Thick Mint – brewed with cocoa nibs and mint – is being added to the brewery’s “Blackwater Series” which is comprised of massive 10 percent ABV Imperial Stouts with names like Choklat, Crème Brulee and Salted Caramel – and featuring the big flavors and luscious mouthfeels to match. According to its label, Thin Mint is headed down a similar path. “We made big ways when we introduced Choklat in 2007,” the bottle reads. “Since then, our affection for decadent, flavorful, dessert-like beers and a zeal to venture into the far corners of the flavor world, have been the drivers in our endless quest to brew the perfect indulgence.”

Though Southern Tier doesn’t name-check Thin Mints specifically (again, for obvious reasons), the name does seem to tip its hat in a certain direction. And the brewery could have easily strayed away from the Thick Mint world play to a more straightforward name that fits in with its existing branding like Mint Choklat or Crème de Menthe. Beer Street Journal certainly thought the name was no coincidence, running an announcement of the beer with a glamour shot of beer and cookie salaciously intermingling. And obviously, this spring release coincides well with Girl Scout cookie season.

But regardless of whether you find this May-September romance a bit unsavory, if Southern Tier’s history is any indication, the results will be fittingly sweet.