Big City Bell Pilsner will be pouring at Manhattan’s three new Taco Bell Cantinas in the coming months.
Taco Bell Big City Bell Pilsner
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Ever since introducing its "Cantina" concept three years ago, booze has become an increasingly important part of Taco Bell’s business plan as the chain that had previously focused on appealing to the post-drinks crowd with its not-particularly-subtle "Fourth Meal" campaign wants to turn its new, more upmarket Cantina locations into drinking destinations all their own. Part of those alcoholic efforts has included exclusive Taco Bell beverages like boozy freezes and — as was the case when a new Cantina opened in Newport Beach, California, last year — even Taco Bell-branded beer.

Now, following the success of that Newport Beach brew, Taco Bell will be taking a similar approach to promote the launch of its first Cantinas in New York City by giving these three locations their own exclusive Taco Bell beer with the help of the Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing Company. Big City Bell Pilsner, as the beer is called, is billed as a lager "brewed with a blend of hops for lime and citrus fruit aroma" along with "a crisp and balanced body that pairs perfectly with Taco Bell’s Mexican-inspired flavors."

"We're so excited to be part of the Cantina launch in our hometown," Blue Point President Jenna Lally said in the announcement. "We're looking forward to New Yorkers relaxing and enjoying some tacos with the new Big City Bell Pilsner." Blue Point knows a thing or two about partnering with well-known companies: Though the brewery has been on Long Island since 1998, in 2014, it joined Anheuser-Busch’s roster of craft brands.

Two of Taco Bell’s three new locations — located at 840 8th Avenue and 224 7th Avenue — are already open. Meanwhile, the third — located at 500 8th Avenue — is "set to open by the end of the year." As for grabbing a Big City Bell Pilsner, the chain says that the beer will be pouring at all three of these Cantina locations "in the coming months."