Cocteleria, the about-to-open rum punch bar and Cuban restaurant.I’m with Urban Daddy on this one. The East Village did not need another great bar. But they got one anyway: Cocteleria at Cienfuegos, the about-to-open Cuban restaurant and rum punch bar that’s upstairs from the Cuban sandwich shop Carteles. I haven’t been—it’s soft opening Thursday and officially opening next Monday—but F&W Cocktails 2010’s excellent deputy editor Joaquin Simo got in the door. He loved the distressed walls and the Old Havana ambiance. He also loved mixologist Charlotte Voisey’s punches (they’re all rum-based!), particularly Movable Feast (a Voisey original with silver rum, vermouth and dry French cider). He loved that the punches are served in different sizes, from single servings to much larger amounts (“$100 buys punch for the whole family,” Robert Simonson smartly blogged). And he loved the menu, especially the roast pork–filled tamales. “It’s a great bite when you need to take the edge off your hunger,” Simo said. "And to justify ordering another round."

More of Cocteleria's awesome-sounding menu after the jump.