Cans of "Black & Gold" lager will be sold first come, first serve at the brewery on Monday afternoon.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 31, 2019
Sam Adams Black and Gold
Credit: Sam Adams

Boston-based beer brand Samuel Adams has long been a supporter of local sports: In 2017, they even took a giant leap for craft beer-kind by becoming the official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox. Since then, Sam Adams has had plenty to celebrate thanks to an incredible run for its home city that’s seen Boston teams win the World Series, win the Super Bowl, and now make the Stanley Cup Finals back-to-back-to-back. When the Sox won it all, Sam Adams released a commemorative double IPA called Damage Done. And when Tom Brady led the Patriots to the Super Bowl, the brewery released the cheekily-named beer Too Slow, Too Old, Still Here. Now win or lose, the Boston Bruins are also getting a brew in honor of their trip to the NHL finals simply called Black & Gold.

Named after the hockey team’s colors, Black & Gold is described by the brewery as “a 4.9% ABV, deep ruby black, medium-bodied lager with chocolate notes, a hint of coffee and a slightly sweet and roasted malt flavor.” Interestingly, this time around, Sam Adams decided to go with a lower-ABV dark lager after whipping up two high-ABV double India pale ales for the baseball and football teams.

“When we brew a beer for any of our hometown teams, we want it to represent the team,” Rich Ferrell, the brewer, told me via email. “When we released Damage Done Double IPA, the Red Sox were bringing the fun and flavor into baseball, just like the guava and mango in the beer. (Did you see our outfielder’s dance moves?) The New England Farmhouse Double IPA was meant to represent our New England football team. Black & Gold is a Bavarian-inspired black lager with rich notes of caramel and chocolate from roasted malts, balanced with German Noble hops. We chose it because it’s as bold as power play breakaway, but smooth like ice after a Zamboni run.”

This limited release of 16-ounce cans will arrive “just in time for Game 4 on Monday,” with four-packs becoming available for purchase that afternoon at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery in Jamaica Plain. “Drinkers can begin lining up at 12 p.m. and start purchasing cans by 3 p.m.,” the brewer explains, “so they have plenty of time to get home in time to watch Game 4 while drinking a Bear-inspired brew.” Also worth noting, the cans are first come, first serve, one four-pack per person.