Unsurprisingly, it’s a New England IPA.
Sam Adams "Damage Done"
Credit: Courtesy of Sam Adams

After decades of being the best-known beer in Boston, Sam Adams finally became the official beer of the Boston Red Sox for the 2018 season. Then the Sox went on to set a record for the most wins in franchise history and ended the season with a World Series victory. Coincidence? Well, yeah, probably: With their fourth World Series title since 2000, Boston is now the most decorated MLB team of the 21st century. Still, you can’t fault Sam Adams for wanting to celebrate alongside the team by releasing a special commemorative beer in honor of the Red Sox’ big victory.

Tomorrow at 5 p.m., Sam Adams will be releasing Damage Done Double IPA (as in the “damage done” to the Los Angeles Dodgers and all the other teams along the way). Fittingly, the brew is an iteration of the extremely popular New England IPA style, though this 7.3 percent ABV “power hitter,” as Sam Adams calls it, “is aged on vanilla beans with guava, mango and lactose added for as much fun and flavor as the Sox themselves.”

This special edition brew will be sold out of the Sam Adams Boston Brewery taproom in a freshly-filled crowler (a can-like growler for the uninitiated) that will be served with a commemorative Red Sox koozie and posters. The brewery says that the beer will be flowing until the end of the week.

Of course, you can’t really whip up a beer—especially one “aged on vanilla beans”—overnight. So even though Sam Adams must have had plenty of confidence given that the Red Sox were the best team in baseball all season, we still had to ask: What was the brewery planning on doing with this beer if the Sox hadn’t pulled through in five? “We brewed the beer with our fingers crossed and hopes high but figured even if the outcome wasn’t in our favor, we’d at least have a great beer to drown our sorrows and share with drinkers at our Boston Brewery,” a spokesperson told me via email. Sounds like a win-win.