Porters + Stouts

Porter and stouts are both hoppy, rich beers fermented from dark malts. Both can have flavors that cover notes like coffee, caramel and chocolate. Beer enthusiasts can't agree on the ultimate difference between a porter and a stout, but there is some consensus that a stout is basically a stronger porter. Stouts tend to be made with roasted barley, which gives these beers their distinct coffee-like flavor. Food & Wine's guide to these two toasty beers includes recipes for desserts, stews, braised meat and more.

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America’s 50 Best Stouts
America may be obsessed with hop-packed IPAs, but craft beer devotees will always appreciate stouts—beers that achieve an equally powerful profile by ratcheting up the ingredient on the opposite side of beer’s flavor spectrum: malts. Though stouts now come in a wide variety of subcategories, two things generally remain the same: an opaque, nearly black shade derived from the use of dark malts and the deep roasted, often chocolatey flavors those malts impart into the beer. Here are America’s best stouts, one for each of the 50 states.—Mike Pomranz