I'm well aware of how good Jim Meehan's drinks are—the guy who created the drinks at everyone's favorite walk-through-the-phone-booth-into-the-bar bar, PDT in Manhattan's East Village, is also the editor of F&W's awesome new indispensable resource Cocktails 2008 (just out! order your copy now!). He's responsible for more of my hangover headaches than I care to talk about. Well, it turns out Mr. Meehan, or at least his acolytes, score well among a jury of his peers, too. At Tuesday's 3rd Annual Rhum Clement New York Cocktail Challenge, which took place at the Astor Center, PDT bartenders swept the top three awards. First place went to Daniel Eun's Bitches Brew (a mix of white rum, dark rum and lime juice, and then some secret ingredients). The Sargasso cocktail from Don Lee took second place (aged rum, sherry, aperol and bitters). Third place had my favorite name of the night, Sweetie Pie (aged rum, allspice liqueur, apple juice, pinch of sea salt): It was created by Lydia Reissmueller, who moonlights at PDT even though she serves Sweetie Pie at Elettaria in the West Village. So it was a very good night for Jim Meehan, who (coincidentally I'm sure) was one of the event's judges, and who had a huge major headache the next day. Which seems only fair to me.