Regardless of your home team, beer and wine menus have grown significantly across the league.


Bud Light is the official beer sponsor of the NFL, and not that long ago, it seemed like mass-market beers were all you could find at games. But times have changed: Many stadiums have embraced craft beer and improved their wine selection. Heck, the NFL even has an official hard seltzer now. But which stadiums excel when it comes to offering the widest selection of beer and wine? Some recent analysis suggests the Seattle Seahawks may feature more drinks diversity than anyone else.

The Las Vegas-based hangover specialists Hangover Heaven attempted to dig up the complete beer and wine offerings of all 31 football stadiums in the NFL. Doing so wasn’t as easy as they had hoped: Ten stadiums "didn’t list their beverage menus anywhere that was readily accessible to the public"—leading the company to turn to the beer check-in site Untappd for data instead. Unfortunately, not only does Untappd rely on self-reported data, but the app doesn’t deal in wine—which significantly skews the data for those ten stadiums. Still, the final report does paint a picture of which NFL teams favor wide arrays of alcoholic drinks.

The largest selection, by far, came in Seattle, where the Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field was found to sell 139 different beers and wines, including 48 red wines, 21 whites, six roses, four sparklers, 30 mostly-local craft beers, and 30 macro beers. Second on the list was the New Orleans Saints who offered 81 different beers and wines at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The rest of the top five were the Atlanta Falcons (77 types), the Dallas Cowboys (68 types), and the Cincinnati Bengals (66 types).

Alcohol at NFL Stadiums
Credit: Daniel Grill/Tetra Images/Getty Images

Admittedly, quantifying the beverage selection at stadiums isn’t easy, even without the Untappd issue. Choices can change at any time, and just because a certain drink is available in some part of the stadium doesn’t mean you’ll easily be able to find it where you’re sitting. However, even with these issues in the data, this analysis does hammer home the larger point that the drink options at NFL games have changed significantly over the past generation—and if you can’t find a drink you like, no matter who your home team is, you may simply want to keep looking… especially if you’re a Seahawks fan.