Which team is slinging the most expensive beers in the league?
Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Week eight of the NFL season kicks off tonight with a Thursday matchup between the Texans and Dolphins. The season is nearly halfway over, and the 32 teams are starting to separate out. If your squad is off to a worse-than-expected start (cough, 49ers, cough), you might be on the lookout for a new favorite franchise—and what better way to choose a fresh allegiance than to go with the team that offers the cheapest beer in their home stadium? If you’re going to jump on a bandwagon, it might as well be the cheap beer bandwagon!

This month, Team Marketing Report (TMR) released its analysis of how much a beer (and other far less important concessions items) costs at every NFL stadium. Sports teams offering cheaper concessions has been a big story as of late (thanks to the Atlanta Falcons for starting that trend), and it’s reflected in some good news about beer prices: The average price of each stadium’s lowest priced beer (regardless of size) dropped three cents this year to, uh, just $8.17.

A number of teams—the Ravens, Texans, Falcons, Lions, Cardinals, and Bengals—now offer 12-ounce beers for just $5 which certainly helps that bottom line. The Raiders, despite their losing ways, have the most expensive beer of any team: You apparently can’t score a draft beer for anything less than the $10.75 they charge for a 20-ounce cup. (To be fair, Raiders fans will probably want to drink away their agony at any cost.)

But the true measure of cheapness is determined by average price per ounce—or as a drinker calls it, “bang for your buck.” Believe it or not, that advanced math shows that—indeed—at 42 cents per ounce, $5 for a 12-ounce beer is the best deal you can get (along with the Denver Broncos’ 16-ounce beer for $6.75). Meanwhile, though the Philadelphia Eagles fall in the middle of the pack by overall price, their 12-ounce beer for $9 is by far the worst bargain when broken down by cost per ounce. Eagles’ fans are paying 75 cents per ounce, a full 12 cents more than the next highest teams on the list.

Where does your team stack up? Here’s the entire price per ounce list from worst to best…

32) Philadelphia Eagles—$0.75
29) San Francisco 49ers—$0.63
29) New Orleans Saints—$0.63
29) Jacksonville Jaguars—$0.63
24) Los Angeles Chargers—$0.59
24) Washington Redskins—$0.59
24) Los Angeles Rams—$0.59
24) New York Giants—$0.59
24) New York Jets—$0.59
21) Dallas Cowboys—$0.56
21) Seattle Seahawks—$0.56
21) Miami Dolphins—$0.56
20) Pittsburgh Steelers—$0.55
19) Oakland Raiders—$0.54
18) Green Bay Packers—$0.52
14) Chicago Bears—$0.50
14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers—$0.50
14) Kansas City Chiefs—$0.50
14) Buffalo Bills—$0.50
13) Minnesota Vikings—$0.48
11) Carolina Panthers—$0.46
11) Cleveland Browns—$0.46
10) New England Patriots—$0.45
8) Indianapolis Colts—$0.44
8) Tennessee Titans—$0.44
1) Denver Broncos—$0.42
1) Baltimore Ravens—$0.42
1) Houston Texans—$0.42
1) Atlanta Falcons—$0.42
1) Detroit Lions—$0.42
1) Arizona Cardinals—$0.42
1) Cincinnati Bengals—$0.42