The organization is using Independence Day to promote independent breweries.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 26, 2019
Credit: Brewers Association

Landing smack dab in the middle of the warm summer months, the Fourth of July holiday is one of the best beer-drinking days of the year. And this year, craft beer trade group the Brewers Association (BA) wants you to celebrate American independence by drinking independent beer. The BA has declared July 3 “National Independent Beer Run Day,” encouraging beer lovers to use the day before the fireworks to stock up on brews from independently-owned companies.

As the BA points out, the idea that July 4 is a great day for a beer isn’t just opinion; it’s supported by hard numbers. According to IRI scan data, the week leading up to July 4 has been the highest single sales week of the year for craft breweries for the last five years, with sales figures that are 35 percent higher than usual.

“Craft beer serves as the anchor for so many Independence Day celebrations. Our libations and the liberation we’re celebrating should go hand in hand. As you plan for this Fourth of July, think independent and drink independent,” Julia Herz, craft beer program director for the Brewers Association, said in the announcement. “In preparation for the country’s favorite summer holiday, make sure your beer run includes independent craft beer.”

To support the initiative, the BA has released a few humorous ads on YouTube, reminding people not to forget the independent craft beer — even if you do forget other essentials like hot dogs, fireworks, or sunscreen. The trade group also says they’ll be streaming “a world record attempt at the longest cheers ever, toasting all 7,300 small and independent U.S. craft breweries.”

Of course, if you’re not locked into the inner-workings of the craft beer world, you might not know which beer brands truly are “independent” (as opposed to being owned by large international companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev or Heineken). In that case, the BA encourages you to “seek the seal” — the Certified Independent Craft logo which was introduced two years ago to help breweries tout their official craft beer credentials. By the end of last year, over 4,000 breweries were using the seal, according to the BA, covering over 80 percent of all craft beer volume. Additionally, the BA-run site also offers up a brewery finder to find independent beer anywhere in the U.S.

In the meantime, here is another silly ad…