"fsociety IPA" is being released at a viewing party in Coney Island.

Credit: Coney Island Brewing Company

All good things come to an end. Including TV shows. (Except maybe The Simpsons.) But for fans of USA Network's critically-acclaimed hacker drama Mr. Robot, at least they'll have a beer to toast when the series premieres its fourth and final season on October 6.

In an official collaboration, USA Network has enlisted New York's Coney Island Brewery to produce fsociety IPA — a hazy IPA inspired by Mr. Robot. Though the connection between television show and branded beer can often feel tenuous, working with the Coney Island-based brand is actually an inspired choice since the beachy New York City neighborhood serves as a significant setting in the show.

"Since its launch, we've taken a fan-first approach to marketing Mr. Robot, creating unique and unexpected experiences that bring the iconography of this beloved series to life," Colleen Mohan, SVP of brand marketing for USA Network, explained. "Partnering with Coney Island Brewery is another authentic collaboration — a celebration of a location so iconic to the series and a perfect way to toast the final season."

Credit: Coney Island Brewing Company

The beer itself is a 5.9 percent ABV IPA with tropical notes from exclusively El Dorado hops and a hazy body thanks to the use of white wheat and flaked oats. The brewery says fsociety IPA has aromas of ripe pineapple, orange juice, mango, stone fruit, and slight resin along with flavors of mango, fresh papaya, and stone fruit. "As fans of the show, we were thrilled when USA reached out about brewing a beer in honor of Mr. Robot's finale season," said Matt McCall, Coney Island's head brewer. "It's just another way to pay tribute to our neighborhood, as so many significant scenes were shot in our iconic corner of Brooklyn."

Speaking of the season finale, cans of the beer will be released at the brewery on Sunday, October 6 at 2 p.m. followed by an exclusive screening of the Mr. Robot season four premiere at 5 p.m. The rest of the country will have to wait until the show returns later that night at 10/9c — and since the beer is being sold exclusively at the brewery, they almost certainly won't have a fsociety IPA in hand.