The Most Popular Beer in Every State, According to Google

What beer is your state searching for?

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Today is National Beer Day, so if you needed an excuse to crack open a cold one, consider this your cue. Whether for drinking, for cooking, or for bathing (yup), it's no secret that Americans love their beer. But everyone has a favorite. There's dark beer and there's light beer. Fruity beer and not-too-beery beer.

Since the beer marketplace is so vast, it makes sense that people choose different types and prefer particular brands. So in celebration of National Beer Day and all things ale, malt, and stout, we decided to take stock of the most popular beers in each state, with the help of Google Trends.

Google searches from the last 12 months have shown that Americans' tastes in beer are varied (makes sense, considering the sheer amount of breweries throughout the country). The most popular beers include brand names like Blue Moon, which topped the list with 13 states, and Yuengling, which is the state favorite for Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Some states align with locally-made beers, like Hawaii, where the most popular pick is Aloha, and Texas, where Lone Star reigns supreme. Other states are more partial to types of beer rather than brands, like Vermont with gose beer and Idaho with gluten-free beer. And then there's Utah, where root beer is apparently of more interest than the alcoholic stuff.

Here is the full list:

Alabama: Blue Moon

Alaska: Irish Death

Arizona: 805

Arkansas: Rainier

California: 805

Colorado: Boulder

Connecticut: Blue Moon

Delaware: Dewey

Washington DC: Dacha

Florida: Jai Alai

Georgia: Blue Moon

Hawaii: Aloha

Idaho: Gluten-Free Beer

Illinois: Blue Moon

Indiana: Yuengling

Iowa: Yuengling

Kansas: Blue Moon

Kentucky: Yuengling

Louisiana: Bayou

Maine: Bear Bones

Maryland: Attaboy

Massachusetts: Cape Cod

Michigan: M43

Minnesota: Hamms

Mississippi: Blue Moon

Missouri: Yuengling

Montana: Rainier

Nebraska: Yuengling

Nevada: 805

New Hampshire: Schilling

New Jersey: Blue Moon

New Mexico: IPA

New York: Randolph

North Carolina: Burial

North Dakota: Spotted Cow

Ohio: Blue Moon

Oklahoma: Corona

Oregon: Buoy

Pennsylvania: Blue Moon

Rhode Island: Blue Moon

South Carolina: Blue Moon

South Dakota: IPA

Tennessee: Tailgate

Texas: Lone Star

Utah: Homemade Root Beer

Vermont: Gose Beer

Virginia: Blue Moon

Washington: Rainier

West Virginia: Hamms

Wisconsin: Blue Moon

Wyoming: Rainier

Looking for a fun way to celebrate National Beer Day? Check out these recipes for great dishes to pair with beer. Plus, tell us about your favorite beer by tagging us on social media at @foodandwine.

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