'The Champagne of Beers' Will Come in Champagne Bottles for the Holiday Season

Miller High Life, the "Champagne of Beers," has offered these bottles before, but never nationwide.

Whether you take the slogan literally or ironically, no one denies that Miller High Life owns its long-time slogan "The Champagne of Beers." But for 2018, the Milwaukee-based beer brand is looking to further assert the literal side of that catchphrase. For the first time ever, High Life will be available nationwide in 750-milliliter champagne-style bottles for the holiday season.

Courtesy Miller High Life

It's not the first time Miller has embraced this packaging. A spokesperson for the brand said that these champagne bottles have made appearances over the past couple years but were only available for sale in Milwaukee and Chicago. However, starting this month, getting your hands on 750-milliliters worth of High Life in a fancy bottle should be relatively easy: This upmarket bottling will apparently be available in plenty of participating grocery stories, liquor stores, and even bars that currently carry Miller High Life. The suggested retail price is just $3.49—or significantly cheaper than most champagnes.

Miller's spokesperson explained that the bottles will be a limited run, and that the brand "will only be releasing enough bottles to last throughout the holiday season"—so though finding the fancy packaging should be relatively easy, High Life fans won't necessarily want to wait to grab one once they see it.

As for the bottles themselves, they look a bit like an upscale 40-ounce bottle with a tapered neck wrapped in gold foil. The labeling, which utilizes the classic logos, does have a bit of a refined touch to it. And the bottles are dated 2018—meaning they'll make for a classy addition to that beer bottle collection everyone wishes you would have thrown away after you graduated from college.

One sad note, however, unlike real champagne, these Miller High Life champagne bottles are sealed with your typical bottle cap—not a cork. That's not to say you can't try sabering your "Champagne of Beer" bottles; it just means pulling it off will be even trickier than usual.

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