Each 12-pack features 12 different versions of Rochester Mills Beer Company’s best-selling Milkshake Stout.
christmas twelve days of christmas milkshake stouts
Credit: Courtesy of David Youngman / Rochester Mills Production Brewery

Every year as the winter holidays approach, brands of all kinds look for ways to capitalize on the season. Advent calendars have become a popular promotion, especially boozy versions featuring beer, wine or whiskey. And speaking of beer, seasonal offerings are always all the rage from pumpkin beers starting in the fall to winter and Christmas beers rolling out soon afterwards. Frankly, at this point coming up with something unique for the holidays can be tricky, so give credit to Rochester Mills Beer Company: For the past few years, the Michigan brewery has decided to use the Christmas holiday as a chance to duodecuple down on its popular milkshake stout and offer a unique “12 Days of Milkshake Stout” promotion.

Originally launched as a seasonal brew in its own right, Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout – essentially a milk stout with a bit of extra kick – became so popular that the brewery added the beer to its fulltime line up. But a few years ago, the brewer came up with the idea of using a “12 days of Christmas” theme to flush out its best-selling brand. “What began as a crazy idea to take twelve different versions of our Milkshake Stout to twelve bars over twelve days a few years back has grown into a holiday tradition,” Rochester Mills Vice President of Brewing Operations Eric Briggeman said in a statement.

For 2017, that means that the brewery will offer its 12 different Milkshake Stouts in two different ways. For those looking for an excuse to hit the bar twelve days in a row, the brewpub, its taproom and over 20 other bars and restaurants in the area will offer a 12 Days of Milkshake Stout promotion where each day, a new version of the stout will appear on draft in a “progressive tap takeover event.”

Meanwhile, for those who would prefer to try all 12 beers at their own pace, Rochester Mills is also once again releasing a 12 Days of Milkshake Stout limited holiday edition 12-pack which features one 16-ounce can of each different version of the beer. “Because we sold-out of 5,000 12 packs in less than ten days last year, we’ve increased production and moved up the release date hoping to meet the demand from retailers and consumers,” said Briggeman.

So what do 12 different versions of a Milkshake Stout look like? Well, this year’s varieties feature a mix of recipes from Christmas past and Christmas present. The returning versions are Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake Stout, Imperial Milkshake Stout, Santa’s Breath (Peppermint Milkshake Stout), Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake Stout, German Chocolate Cake Milkshake Stout, and Nutcracker Milkshake Stout (Hazelnut). Then, six new varieties are also being added to the mix: Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake Stout, Strawberry Milkshake Stout, Carrot Cake Milkshake Stout, Spicy Mayan Milkshake Stout, Holiday Cheer Milkshake Stout (Cherry Cranberry) and Christmas Roast Milkshake Stout (Barrel Aged with Detroit Bold Coffee).

As far as the tap takeovers are concerned, you can find the list here.