Mexican beer isn't just giant brands anymore.

Mexican Beer
Credit: Victor Protasio

Over the past 10 years, the number of artisanal breweries in Mexico has skyrocketed. Most of the beers there are still straightforward lagers, pilsners, and Vienna-style light and dark beers made by the country’s two mass-market breweries, and as a result, upstart local brewers have leaped into that creative void, creating wildly ambitious ales, stouts, porters, and sour beers, many made using indigenous ingredients like corn and agave. At the same time, American craft brewers have fallen hard for Mexican beers and are producing their own excellent interpretations of the country’s traditional styles.

Border Psycho Brewery Brutal

This imperial stout, with its chocolate and dried fruit aromas, comes from Tijuana’s acclaimed Border Psycho Brewery.

Cervecería Aguamala Sirena

Hazy orange in hue, lightly malty, and with a citrus edge, this Czech-style pilsner comes from a star brewer in Ensenada.

Cervecería Insurgente Saison Chouette

Insurgente’s spicy take on a French farm ale is lifted by citrus flavor.

Cervecería Wendlandt Harry Polanco

Think caramel aromas and grapefruity hops in this red ale from an early player in Mexico’s craft movement.

United States

Flying Dog Numero Uno Agave Cerveza

Agave and lime peel added after fermentation give this lager a distinctly zesty finish.

Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey

The addition of Mexican orange blossom honey makes this potent imperial lager deceptively refreshing.

Oskar Blues Beerito

Amber-hued and toasty with malt notes, this take on the classic Mexican lager would be ideal in our Spicy Paloma Shandy.

Ska Brewing Mexican Logger

The herbal note of Saaz hops makes this refreshing brew an intriguing hybrid of Mexican and Czech styles.