By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 16, 2015
Credit: © Getty Images

Many in the baseball world have lamented modern players unwillingness to perfect the slide. As much as running is a fundamental part of the game, MLBers tend to prefer the sexier facets of the sport like home runs, curveballs and renegotiating contracts that are already worth more than many of us will make in our lifetime.

Last night, however, the Mets wanted to prove they understand the fundamentals. After beating the Dodgers to advance to the National League Championship Series, part of their celebration had the team showing off their sliding skills… in their clubhouse… in a pool of beer.

Good work, guys! That’s the kind of base-path prowess you’re going to need to exhibit to beat those pesky Cubs. That is, assuming the members of the team didn’t injure themselves by sliding into a wall.

[h/t SBNation]