Every time a golfer gets a birdie during the final round, someone can win a case of beer per month for 12 months.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 10, 2019
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Masters may be the fanciest event in sports: The whispering announcers, the gently clapping fans… The big prize is a nicely-tailored green blazer, for Pete’s sake! But Natural Light — the beer brand that is somewhat proudly built for the mainstream — is here to loosen The Masters up for 2019. Though not an official sponsor of the event (of course not!), Natural Light will be giving away a year’s worth of free beer every time a golfer shoots a birdie during Sunday’s final round at Augusta.

To qualify for your free beer, Natural Light says all you have to do is be following its official Twitter account, then tweet out #BirdieLight #Sweepstakes on Sunday, and you’re entered to win. (Also, for the record, your tweet can’t be mean or offensive!) From there, every time a golfer gets a birdie, a random winner will be selected from all eligible entries.

To get a sense of how many winners there might be, in last year’s Masters, champion Patrick Reed alone had four birdies during his final round, and the top eight finishers had over 40 birdies as a group on Sunday. So Natty Light is probably ready to give out a lot of brews. Of course, the question always becomes how much beer is “a year’s worth.” For this sweepstakes, Natural Light defines it as either a case per month for 12 months or a debit card worth $240 depending on what the rules are for your state. Granted, most of us could probably drink more beer than that in a year, but hey, free beer is free beer.

Though the brand that’s recently been pushing 77-packs with strawberry lemonade-flavored beer to spring breakers might not seem like a “natural” fit for golf, Natural Light is using the event to go after Anheuser-Busch’s favorite target as of late: Miller Lite. The connection: Miller Lite lists its calorie content at 96 calories, whereas Natural Light says it’s only a 95-calorie beer. That means that Natural Light is “one under” Miller Lite — which in golf-speak is a “birdie.” As a spokesperson for the brand told me, “In light beer, just like in golf, the lowest number wins.”