Lyft partners with the Massachusetts Brewers Guild on discount rides

Though taxis have always been a beer drinker’s best friend, the advent of convenient and inexpensive rideshare options like Uber and Lyft have been especially beneficial when it comes to encouraging people to avoid the perils of drinking and driving. For that exact reason, beer brands and car services have been actively looking to partner together to promote both their businesses and more responsible behavior. For instance, Budweiser and Lyft have worked on two major campaigns recently: The companies teamed up for an offer on free weekend rides as well as to launch Budweiser’s new 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager. But “big beer” isn’t the only one that wants to help curb drinking and driving: The Massachusetts Brewers Guild has just announced its own partnership with Lyft to help offer rides to over 90 craft breweries within the state.

Beyond expanding the number of beer options, craft breweries – many of which maintain a local focus and limited distribution – have also expanded the world of “beer tourism.” Though this booming industry can benefit local economies, it also creates growing concerns about how patrons plan on getting to and from these often rural brewery locations – a similar problem the winery tourism business has been facing for decades. But by partnering with Lyft, the Massachusetts Brewers Guild is able to put an affordable option front and center that both encourages beer tourism but also provides a viable option other than drunk driving.

“Visiting our breweries is the best way to support the craft beer community in Massachusetts and we are thrilled to have Lyft join the family and provide a safe and economical way for craft beer lovers to explore the MA burgeoning scene,” Katie Stinchon, executive director of the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, said in a statement. “Breweries employ locals, drive traffic and tourism to the state and pour world-class craft beer to thirsty residents and travelers.”

To help drive the new allegiance, the pair promised “special promotions and operational benefits from each organization.” That includes “a presence at upcoming festivals and events as well as … special benefits and promotions to Guild members throughout the year.” Lyft is also “offering each member brewery unique coupon codes for new Lyft riders and a pool of Lyft credits so that breweries can guarantee employees, guests, and patrons a reliable ride home when they need them.” Additionally, to kick things off, “Lyft is offering 10 percent off rides to Massachusetts Brewers Guild member breweries with code MBG17” until the end of this weekend.

This isn’t the first time Lyft has partnered with craft breweries. The year alone, the rapidly growing rideshare service has also partnered with craft brewers in places like Arizona and New York. Here’s hoping it’s not the last time either: Breweries and taxi services teaming up truly seems like a situation where everyone wins.