Credit: © Leo Uribe

Last week, we discussed the growing trend of bringing yoga classes into breweries. So I guess it was only a matter of time before a brewery was brought into yoga.

Lululemon, maker of every piece of clothing currently being worn in your yoga class, teamed up with Vancouver brewery Stanley Park to make “Curiosity Lager.”

The brew will feature chinook and lemon drop hops, ostensibly leading to a light and citrusy lager that could make for solid post-workout sipping.

As Stanley Park pointed out to us, Lululemon is not really getting into the beer business. This is more of a one-off creation. The brewery and the yoga pant juggernaut created Curiosity to go along with Lululemon’s annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon. The brand plans to release a limited run of 88,000 cans that will be available from now until the fall. Cans seem like a good choice for the brand; bottles can be way too see-through, and they certainly don’t want any more of that controversy.

But sorry American Lululemon-lovers, the yoga-inspired brew appears to only be available in Canada. Though any beer can be a yoga beer if you focus your energy right.