Carlsberg brewed the soccer-themed beer to celebrate its 25-year partnership with the English Premier League team.
liverpool fc legacy
Credit: Courtesy of Carlsberg

Many diehard sports fans are raised watching their favorite team from the moment their born. So when Carlsberg decided to make a special version of its flagship beer to celebrate the Danish beer brand's 25-year partnership with Liverpool F.C. – one of the most successful teams in the English Premier League – the brewery decided to give this new beer's hops similar exposure. The bines were grown in a special greenhouse where they were constantly exposed to everything-Liverpool in part thanks to giant LCD screens showing non-stop soccer action 24-hours per day.

"Research has shown that plants aren't just affected by light, but also sound, vibrations and other energies," Pai Rosager Pedas, Senior Scientist at Carlsberg Research Laboratory, said. With that in mind, Carlsberg built a custom greenhouse featuring massive LCD screens and speakers that, for the hops' six-month growing period, immersed the young plants in the sights and sounds of Liverpool soccer matches by constantly playing game footage from the past 25 years. As if that wasn't enough, these hops also got special visits from Liverpool's current manager Jurgen Klopp and legendary players Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman. Even the soil the hops were planted in was taken from Anfield, home to Liverpool's soccer stadium. "We decided to use this to brew probably the best fan beer in the world and commemorate Carlsberg's 25-year history with Liverpool FC," Pedas concluded. "It is a whole new way of thinking of beer terroir."

The resulting beer, Carlsberg Liverpool FC Beer, is a dry-hopped lager described as having "a unique taste … refined distinct bitterness and an aroma of the distinct Liverpool hops contributing to the aroma of gooseberry or Sauvignon Blanc white wines." According to a brand spokesman, only 40,000 bottles of the special brew were produced, all of which will be distributed through tastings and giveaways at special pubs, as well as during the team's home match against Huddersfield Town on October 28. Fans can also attempt to win a bottle online through Carlsberg's "Red Hops Competition"—red being the team's home colors and also the source of their nickname "The Reds."