Would Mary Berry drink a Lemon Almond Frangipane Ale?
Credit: Bartosz Luczak/Getty Images

In an American beer scene that has ballooned to 7,346 breweries, more great brews are being made than ever before, but unique beers, on the other hand, are far harder to come by. It’s starting to feel like everything’s been done before: Beers have been brewed with fried chicken and inspired by lo-fi bands from Dayton, Ohio. In the past two years, Dunkin’ has given its official approval to four craft beersone fewer than L.L.Bean! Sometimes it seems like instead of wasting their time coming up with the next far-out beer idea, brewers might as well just sit and home and watch television — which is exactly where Minnesota’s Dangerous Man Brewing got the idea for its latest beer.

On Friday, the Minneapolis-based brewery turned to Facebook to announce its new Lemon Almond Frangipane Ale. “It was conceived after binge-watching The Great British Baking Show,” the post proclaims. Sounds like someone has a Netflix subscription!

“Brewed with loads of oat and wheat, alongside honey malt and lactose, this beer is full bodied and bursting with zesty lemon and sweet almond,” the brewery continues. “Paul Hollywood would give this one a handshake for sure!”

The brewery digs a bit deeper into the details of this 4.1-percent ABV session ale on their website. The beer gets its lemon notes from the addition of both Meyer lemon zest and lemon zest and nods to its Great British Bake Off’s inspiration by using British Ale yeast. However, frangipane is, typically by definition, either a cream or a pastry with almond flavor. Dangerous Man Brewing doesn’t say anything about any almond-flavored additives, meaning — with the skill of a deft Bake Off contestant — they must be coaxing those notes out of the different grains and lactose.

The brewery says the beer is currently on draft in their taproom or available to-go in “crowler” cans.